here's the deal-io

ETA: Ok, here's what I have so far, so correct me if I'm wrong people! Each weekly plan counts as 1 point, and for those who submitted an entire month's worth, I rounded it up to 5 points. So, here goes: Heather-5, Lacey-5, Clarissa-5, Amy-5, Jolene-5, Amanda-2, Robin-2, Lindsey-2, Katie-2, Brittanie-1, Janelle-1, Candra-1, and Mom-1. Great job gals! I'm so excited to find out who the winner is and I'm even more excited to share all these plans with y'all! Stay tuned... :)

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for official & long-winded rules, click here.

Here you have it ladies, the final day of the madness! And to clear up any and lasting confusions,
*ALL meal plans are acceptable!*
They can be healthy, unhealthy, and anything in between! I just want to see what you're cooking for your families. And then, over the weekend I will be posting a few of the different meal plans on the Mess so everyone has a plan to choose from, so they can pick according to their family's likes and dislikes! Make sense? So basically, if you want some useless, frivolous trinket cluttering up your space from moi, then enter! If not, then sit back and enjoy the ideas that are being sent...

As for the drawing, I have half the mind to let Will be the picker. I'm thinking that tomorrow morning I will put all the entries into a bowl and let Monk sift through them, all the while video recording it! It should be fun! And then I'll post the winner sometime tomorrow. Okey dokey?

credits: In the Groove Piece-A-Cake Album à la Shabby Princess with fonts by: Margarete Antonio and Misprinted Type.


  1. I'll submit meal plans, but it'll be later this evening--I have a graduate application wanting my attention.

  2. Beth- I have to say that I don't have any meals to turn in but I do love your digital scrapbooking! I'm so jealous of your creativity!


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