post script

I'm pretty sure I'm the worst blogger, right now! Forget posting regularly. Forget commenting regularly. Forget contests, or swaps. Shoot, forget Bloglines! And I can't guarantee that I'll be/get better anytime soon... but there are a few things I wanted to add since my last post. So here goes:

First off, we are poorer than dirt. I've never been so worried about money as I am now. These past few weeks and looking into the coming month is nothing short of frightening. However, we've been extremely blessed and things have just worked out, miraculously. Thanks to the law of tithing! Wow. Anyway, so I've been busting my butt to make a few bucks, ever since we got back from all our traveling. I'm venturing out more and more into the graphic design world and so far, so good. And hopefully next week, I can give you more details about what's been keeping me so busy. But busy is good, because it means money. And we need money. Now, more than ever.

Also, I am not pregnant. Just thought I would answer that question a bit more clearly. Yes, I wish I was, but apparently someone up high has some other plans for us. I'm trying to come to grips with said plan, and for most of the time I'm right on board with it. But then there are the times where no matter how logical I am (you know, realizing how lucky I am to already have a son and that there may be a darn good reason as to why I haven't had another one yet, etc.), it doesn't change the fact that I want a baby. I'm ready, waiting, and still wanting. So yeah.

And I am honestly amazed that there are people out there that like Apple Jacks! No offense. but I really don't care for them. And before you say/write anything, it has NOTHING to do with the fact that it's a sugar cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cocoa Crispies just so happen to be amongst my favorites! But Apple Jacks? Bluck. Anyway, thanks to everyone for answering my random question :)

Oh, and if you're interested in learning about what I've been reading, then be my friend on GoodReads. Good stuff. Good times. And now I'm off to read some more, and be with my brother. Did I forget to mention that he's been visiting with us for the past week? Oh, and WALL-E is AMAZING. Go see it. *B

PS- to anyone who might be interested: I'm working on building up my portfolio in graphic design. So, to the first ten people, I will help design your blog/website, t-shirt, cards/invitations/announcements or anything else you can think of, for free! Email me with any requests or questions. Help me, help you ;)


trying to stay sane...

{photo by Robin}
I'm back. From traveling, that is. I'm also back in laundry valley... honestly, I don't feel like doing anything. At all. Except read. I've been doing a lot of that lately. It's my way of hiding from the world. From things like laundry. And poverty. And pizza face. And non-pregnancy. And the HEAT! What else is there to do but lock yourself inside with your television, books, and bored (needy) child? And all of this leads me to wonder: who actually likes Apple Jacks???

No, really. I want to know. *B


pathetic, i know

My little monkey just asked me for a shirt, because he was "cold." The nerve of that child, expecting his mother to dress him! What's next? Begging me to change his diaper?! Wait, he already does...

Time to get off the comp and back to laundry [sigh]. *B


boy howdy: a travel log

Sheesh and man alive, I am beat! And then some. I can't even remember what I've been up to these past few weeks, but I'll try my best to recollect... so we were up in Washington for a while and came home for a day to ourselves. Then one of my BFF's came for a few days; what a treat! A day after her departure, we had a little shindig with some buddies before they left, and a couple of days later we headed out for Utah. Brad had some business to attend to and we had some family and friends to visit. It's been far too long, but we finally got to spend some quality time with grandparents, sister/brother and nephews/cousins for a week (Monk was in heaven, and frankly, so was I. Thanks Ellen for being the sister I always wanted!). I'm not even sure if the hub was able to get enough work done, which was the main reason we headed out that way...

I was also able to meet up with my pals from the web, Jbird (who graciously took some amazing family photos) and Lacey (who is officially THE cutest and sweetest pregnant lady I've ever met). Much fun, but too short a visit, gals! Oh, and we also made a quick stop in St. George to see my lovely Aunt S. AND Brad has some family in Vegas that we got to spend some time with and we're already planning on future trips to Sin City, in the next year or so... you know, to slip some coins into slots and window shop for a possible home. We'll see how far temptation takes us ;)

Wait, I'm not finished, yet! Now that we're home for a few days, I'm attempting to move mountains of laundry (I seriously have like, 50-odd loads), take a test, fulfill some orders and finish up some fun and exciting projects that I still haven't even mentioned yet! Don't even ask me how many emails and blogs I have to go through... Then, come Monday it's a day at Dland with my family, followed by a huge Borgia reunion up in Sacramento. Basically, when we get back next Saturday (?) I plan on locking myself in my apartment until Comic-Con (yup, still as dorky as ever; I'm also lame and feeling fat).

Oh, and gas prices (now $4.50) do NOT help in all of this traveling... also, we are poorer than dirt. But, we have discovered that Arby's makes some killer subs! *B