stuck behind the moon

I'm hiding. That's what I tell people, my reason as to why I haven't written for so long (mostly this guy, and him, too). Ok, not really. I'm just doing things other than blogging... am I really missed, though? I'm still waiting for my induction amongst the real heroes. If only I had a super power, like mind reading, or hypnotic writing... but really, I'm just getting out more.

My apologies, but I'm quite enjoying my unintentionally prolonged blogging break... not posting unless I feel like it; it's quite exhilarating at times. *B

PS- new theme song ;)


that's what she said

All right, here's the deal: I've been away from home for the past week or two. I'm up in Seattle (which I'd forgotten how much I loved) with the hub's family. Good people. Good times. And anytime I go on vacation, I go into an unplanned blog hiatus. That means my posting on and reading of blogs (and commenting) grinds to a halt. With the exception of the Twilight Lexicon blog, of course. My obsessive nerdiness, for one, is not influenced by location. However, my weight is, and I am so kicking my butt into high gear when I get home... also, it is really, REALLY, unfair to feel pregnant when you're not. But I am glad that my nasty head cold is finishing up. Not so glad about my asthmatic lungs. Also, Iron Man is wicked awesome. Wow. Oh, and I need to cut my bangs. Again.

I'll be back to regular posting, both logical and nonsensical, in a few days...
I love me some vacay! *B


May 11th, 2008

I could have given birth today. I could be nursing, right now, too. And again in two hours... I would also be recovering from another Cesarean, most likely. But I would have had my baby. Time sure does fly, whether you're having fun or not. Honestly, I felt like this day would be forever in coming. And I worried that once it came, I'd be a wreck. I'm not, though. Surprisingly. I'm sad, disappointed. And confused. But I'm okay.

I'm also a mother to another wonderful, sweet (moody), healthy boy. So happy mother's day to me! And to all the other wonderful women out there, who love as mothers do
(because a baby doesn't make a mother; love does). And I'm grateful to have the love of my wonderful mothers, and the love of my child. *B


geeking out

It's confession time, my dear friends. And I do hope we can still be friends after what I'm about to tell you. You're sure to look at me differently. Here goes... I'm a total nerd. I mean, really, a full blown geek. Let me lay it all out for ya (in no particular order) and do or don't laugh, because it's all true...
  1. I have glasses. And I like them.
  2. I grew up playing with my brother's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as much as I played with dolls. I also read comic books and Goosebumps more frequently than I read Anne of Green Gables, etc.
  3. I used to read about and sketch fairies with elaborate wings, obsessively.
  4. Most of the guys I dated or hung out with were either huge video gamers or computer programmers. My husband happens to be both.
  5. I once considered getting a minor in Computer Science in college. I took one course (CS 124), was one of two girls in attendance, did surprisingly well and ended up with an A in the class and was offered a tutoring position. My own tutor and teacher practically begged me to stay in the program...
  6. I used to be able to read binary, assembly language, and basic C++
  7. I currently understand a bit of html and can code my own stuff, with a little help from the web et al.
  8. I frequently read and can appreciate/understand 90% of the webcomic xkcd
  9. I have a kick trash, screaming fast computer that is not only useful for all of my graphic design projects, but also comes in real handy whenever I feel like playing this game. My character's name is Rhea and I'm a wood elf. But I only play in God Mode...
  10. I really, truly want to play Dungeons & Dragons. The real-live version, not the video game (which I have played).
  11. I admittedly feel more comfortable scrapbooking digitally rather than with paper
  12. I love the Renaissance Festival and have been dying to go back ever since my first field trip there, despite the Arizona heat, that's how much I love it. However, I did go to a jousting tournament In Bellevue, last summer. That was fun.
  13. Firefly is one of my favorite shows. I wish it would come back.
  14. I'm still freaking out (happily) that the geniuses behind BSG finally decided to kill off Cally. She was fracking annoying! ;)
  15. I've always secretly wanted to go to this, and I am seriously considering going this year. You know, in an effort to fully embrace my nerdhood.
  16. Galaxy Quest is by far, one of my most favorite movies. Ever.
  17. Lord of the Rings is my favorite book. Dracula is my second. I'm a sucker for anything magika and/or vampire, pun not intended.
  18. Speaking of which, I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I've read the Twilight series. It's not THE best book ever (please see #17), but it is a fun and easy read (please, don't think less of me dearest Rob). But honestly, vampires and teenage romance? I was doomed from the beginning. It seems as though Stephenie Meyer manufactures my brand of heroin ;) I also secretly subscribe to and frequently stalk any fansites out there... and DUDE! They're making a movie!!! Seriously geeking out over this, this, and this. Oh yeah, AND this:

I've already got plans in the making for a book signing expedition AND a tour of Forks, La Push, etc. Who's with me???

BUT, I do speak plain English (sans Middle Earth accent) and can dress myself (in clothing other than mithril armor). Also, I have not and never will work at McDonald's. So, can we still be friends? *B


may day

is the day we were wed. We, as in me and Brad (the hub). And we have been blissfully married for four years, now. Honestly, we really are happy together. I think we could count how many fights we've had on one hand, with fingers to spare! No joke. We have yet to get tired of each other. Crazy.

Simply put, this man of mine just makes me smile, every morning. He has since day one. And he will continue to do so for forever...

Thank you for that, honey. And thanks for so much more. *B