three meanings...

makes for a REAL long post! It means three things. Also, it makes for a lot of "super" usage. You ready? You sure? You're sure you're sure? Ok, here we go:

1. Binary code. In other words, computer talk. And yes, at one point in my life I used to be able to read it... but in this case, it signifies my jobs that rely on my computer. First job: designer for Writing on the Wall. I've hinted at it before and I think it's safe to mention it now, because they're at market! Anyway, I've designed a handful of home decor boards for the lovely duo and they're being sold in boutique stores. Super excited! I just send them designs I come up with, they freak out and buy them, and then MY design is printed on wooden boards and sold in home boutique stores (my mom happens to work at such a store). I've also tried my hand at designing some other things for other people, but I have to keep my lips zipped on that for a while longer...

Second job: kicks butt! I've been officially hired on at Brad's firm in Malibu as a patent drawings draftsman. The extra money is killer (I make marginally less than Brad does, and he's a patent agent!), but the best part is I get to work from home! A couple hours a day really helps repair the dents in our wallets. It's not near as fun/pretty as things I've done in the past, but it is by far the best job I've had to date. Super lucky! Basically, my computer has become my best friend. Perhaps I should brush up on my computer speak...

2. Serious nerdism. I think it's safe to say that I'm a geek. Pretty sure I've made that pretty clear ever since I admitted to being a huge dork... but what's more is that our little family is going to Comic-Con next week!!! I've always secretly wanted to go, and now I am. Oh man, I'm excited. And nervous. Because I just happen to be going the same day when the author, director and actors of Twilight will be there. Not to mention all the super heroes, action figures, and dorkier dorks that are sure to dazzle us. Super cool! I've already been daydreaming up t-shirt designs for the three of us. Yes, Will is going with us. The indoctrination must start while he's still young.

3. And finally, but certainly not least, my eggo is preggo! It's true my friends --after almost a year of trying, succeeding, failing, waiting and trying again-- I am indeed just barely pregnant :D I've decided to share the news early because, truth be told, I need and appreciate a good support system. I'm being careful, trying to curb my enthusiasm because I really don't know what will happen these next few months. Hopefully nothing but a growing and healthy baby... but for now, all is well! I'm super happy. And always hungry. And very, very hopeful.

So there you have it! *B

photo by trikeratops


take a guess

What does it mean?
I'll tell you later...
because I'm mean.

Also, I'm kinda excited. *B
photo by Rakka