a busy b is me

I'm alive and kicking. Kung Fu style ;) I have no idea if anyone reads this anymore, but I just felt so bad for having gone an entire month without posting! And I have no idea if/when normal posting will resume... but I think I have a rather legitimate excuse (besides the Holidays): I started working. As in, wake up before 8:00 AM, get ready (shower + makeup + hair, aka. no pajamas) and leave my babies for 4-8 hours :( But really, it's all good. And I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have been offered a good job. My boss is a pretty nice guy. I've known him my whole life! I mean, he made me... ok, so I work for my dad. But it's a real job that pays real money, which we desperately need! So while Brad studies for the AZ bar, and until he either gets more hours or finds a killer part-time job, I'm a working mom. *B

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