a whole lot of perfect(ion) going on

Like many others, my heart is feeling a wee bit on the heavy side nowadays. It's amazing how one day everything seems to be clicking into place... we had the perfect job and in two months, we'd be moving into our perfect little dream house preparing for our first perfect Christmas in our first perfect home. And then the very next day, we find ourselves (in a now seemingly pointless one-bedroom apartment) with an unsteady future; our perfect job may not be so perfect and our perfect new home now looks more and more unlikely. I couldn't be sadder. I couldn't be lower. One day I was engulfed in the happy planning of my happy life. The next day I was engulfed in doubt, despair and discouragement.

And then I remember that that's life. And I'm not scared. When Brad was preparing for the CA Bar he worried... What if his studying wasn't enough? What if he didn't pass? The list of fears went on and on. But I assured him that as important as this test is, it does not define him. And so I remind myself, as I reminded him, of what does define us: our family and the gospel. What more do we need?

Last night, after I cried myself silly, I watched this (that Nie has uncanny timing). And today I read this, and this. I acknowledge the fact that life is hard. My life isn't perfect... But, my life is good. And I'm here to be perfected. God is perfect and God is good, also. And He's given me three reasons to smile:

And so I do. *B