and so it begins

I've come to realize that packing/moving is a lot like law school... it seems to go on forever! But it will end. And change is necessary. I just wish it wasn't so exhausting! *B


the sun will come out

Tomorrow! Brad's last final (of his life) is tomorrow!!!
We all need some good sun hats for the brightness of this moment ;)
Though I doubt we'll all look as cute as missy. *B


on this day

So much is happening right now. And I can hardly wrap my brain around what has already happened, let alone what will happen in these next two weeks...

Today, Elsie is two months old. She's smiling, and cooing and wooing us all! Today leaves the hub with his last two finals. Then he graduates next Friday! And little miss will be blessed that following Sunday. And then that Monday, we leave our beloved California for boiling Arizona... we'll be staying with my folks while Brad studies for the bar (to be taken in July), and soon we'll be looking for a home of our own come August/September! Wow. And, on a side note, today is also the day I would be holding my Maybe baby.

I have a few projects I need to wrap up before we leave, and I've started/planned some other projects to keep me from dwelling on all the upcoming craziness. Oh, and I've been enjoying my children.

So, today is May 11th. A chapter is coming to a close, while another opens. It's a sad/happy/frightening/exciting day :) And today will soon become yesterday. Everything is happening so fast... and I haven't even done laundry today. *B