splurge, etc.

I bought this (the bumper). On sale. Just in case baby is a girl. It kinda matches Will's bedding, which is good since the kids will be sharing a room in a few months. If baby is a boy, then I'll probably have to sell it... but, it's so cute! Especially with a red gingham crib sheet and a white bedskirt bedecked in red ric-rac! [fingers crossed] Also, here are the latest belly shots!

I'm feeling huge and extremely uncomfortable. In these shots the baby must be on my spine, because I am bigger some days than others... but man alive, are my hips killing me! Even worse is my pelvic floor, which is weird since I'm carrying higher than I did with Will (who gave me grief in my tail bone). So any time I stand, sit, walk, roll over, or move my legs in any way, BAM! I feel like I should be straddling a massive ice pack, or something. Here's to two more whopping months of growth and development and worthwhile discomfort! *B


woulda coulda shoulda

I had the best of intentions. Truly, I did! Today was going to be the day I finally sifted through all my photos from this past year, coupled with a blog update to put all other updates to shame. But then I unloaded my camera and my hormones got the best of me. I'm overwhelmed and exhausted! How much longer can this insanity go on?! I wish I could say it would be over in two months, that once baby arrives I'm all spunk and energy. But you never know... maybe tomorrow. Yeah, that sounds good. And a nap sounds even better! *B