lessons i've learned today (so far)

If you're too lazy to go to the store for some milk for your toddler, watered down yogurt does the trick. However, once the yo-yo is gone too, admit defeat; it's time to go grocery shopping. *B


hey there

I am indeed alive and well, kickin' it in the A.Z. Yup, the blogsie's anni give-away is still going on; I'll draw and announce when I get back. But for now I am REALLY enjoying my break of sorts (although missing my husband). Oh, and I'm also freaking out about this:

Be back soon! *B


a year (and a day) in review

With a montage and background music to boot! Huzzah!

1. First of all, thanks to all y'all, for being my friends. This past year found me a little on the lonely side of life. But thanks to blogging, I've been able to maintain and make new friends. Shoot, lately I've even found a whole slew of pals from home and college! Keeping in touch is pretty sweet.
2. - 4. Our quaint and quirky guest house has also made for an interesting year. It's the place we call home though. Feel free to stop by, anytime. Visitors welcome (hint, hint)!
5. - 6. It helps that we love it here in sunny Cal, regardless the fires, and other CA casualties. And I don't feel so bad for the studious Brad. Boohoo, he has to go to school on the beach. Cry me an ocean (just kidding, you work really hard honey. We're all VERY proud of you.)!
7. We made it through our first year of law school AND blogging! Everyone jump around in circles, waving your arms like the bunch of crazies I know you are. I'm waiting...
8. - 9. From our campsite to yours: Howdy! and enjoy your stay here :)
10. Are there ever enough tags?! No. In fact, I have one on my to do list. Anyone interested in a pre-tag tag???
11. Ooh-ooh, swaps! I have yet to host one myself, but hopefully someday (you still on for that Rob?). And we mustn't forget the BBQE! I should post pics of all the beautiful blocks...
12. Projects galore! Hey, it's what I do. Have I told you lately, that I love Mod Podge? And all my blocks. And fabric patches. And anything that gives me a creative outlet... creativity is another one of my friends. We're BFF. (I really should start organizing my posts under labels... thoughts?)
13. Digital scrapbooking. Wow, that's consumed lots of B-time (and then some). But I'm still loving it. Thanks to all the ladies who inspired and continue to amaze me.
14. Woot woot! Click here and here for some creative team shout outs. Fun times, fun times...
15. Another HUGE thank you to all you lovelies who have helped me out with my layouts. Somehow scrapping a femme page centered around my Monk seems very wrong. Very wrong indeed. Good thing I have such cute family and friends with such cute girlies of their own!
16. THE call of the year. I'm still suffering Weeds & Wildflowers post-partum. I'm afraid it will never end. But life goes on, and so it has. *sigh*
17. The start of something super crazy. But wait, there's more! Speaking of butts, you're going to have to sit patiently on yours until I get some things sorted out before I let THAT cat out of the {B}ag... and that's that ;P
18. And I dare you to tell me who does NOT like a give-away! I have yet to win one... Sadness. Nonetheless, happiness comes in giving to others. So I will continue to do so, gosh darnit! And here it is:

Celebrate my blogsie's anni with me for a chance to win something. It'll be good, I promise! Basically, leave a comment and I'll pick a random winner to CHOOSE what she (or he?) would have me do! And by do, I mean make, because I'm a po' girl who can't dance.

Thanks again for a wonderful year together. Thanks for keeping me going. Bloggers unite!!! Here's to you my friends. *B


beautiful weather we're having

Well, that goes without saying. But we did enjoy some very pleasant weather indeed on Monday, out on the course. I haven't gone golfing for YEARS. It took me quite a while to get warmed up and in the swing of things (HA!), but I did manage to get a few good whacks in. I also took a tumble down a hill, and thankfully most didn't see it. I guess my legs are just too short. Anyway, it was lots of fun. We went with the school's J. Reuben Clark Law Society and played the best ball for 13 holes. One of my hits was even used! We were also graced with a couple of crazy dear.

Back to the weather. Fall is coming!!! Sooooo excited. Buh-bye summer. Hello crisp air. Hello jackets & sweaters. Hello soups, stews, and chili. Hello crock-pot; long time no see. And hello Halloween! *B


it burns us!

No elven ropes here. Just lousy popcorn with terrible directions:

It still had ten seconds to go...

The only pop-action was of me popping it into the appliance de la muerte. Monk and I went for a quick garbage dump and came back to a smoky house and a near exploding micro.

So, I flung the windows open, cranked the fans up, and gasped for air. Then I threw the offensive package outside and doused it in water. And then I cleaned the unfortunate crime scene with bleach and oxy-clean. It still smells gosh awful and looks like so.

Now what? *B


bucket o' fun

Monk has a blast with a pail full of water. Without any prompting he dunks himself and settles down in. Frankly, I'm surprised he fits! I'm even more surprised he's not freezing, because I would be... and check out that diaper! Impressive.

Yes, my son is that cute (if not cuter) in real life. And no, I did not arrange the hose or any other part of the rest of the scene. Just my boy and his joy: water. Just another thing we have in common (besides teasing).

PS- gosh, it's great having a camera.
And a fast one, too!
Oh happy days. *B


just because

Because she's my friend. Because I love a good swap (key word: good). Because her past swap partners are THE lamest. Because she deserves it. Because it's fun to create: because I love my wooden blocks; because I love any excuse to use mod podge; because I love fabric and other such sewing stuff; because I love hippie-influenced jewelry; because I love the color red; because I love my glasses and automatically feel bonded with others who feel similarly; because it's how I keep myself occupied while a certain someone is away; because it's how I keep myself sane as I deal with another certain busy-body... Because everything I've mentioned brings me joy. That's why. *B


if trouble could melt like lemon drops

A day to remember, six years ago today.
Dare to dream. It's still a wonderful world. *B


let's celebrate

the birth of our new camera with some random pictures! Huzzah!

My cool and crazy son, sporting a pair of toy sunglasses (they belong to his bear). He looks like such a kid... oh, and notice my new pillows and rug (love IKEA)! Well, somewhat new. It's been a while since they've come into existence. But I'm happy with the new color scheme; something a bit more funky-fresh. I needed a change from what it once was. Now if I could only change the couch itself...

The very FIRST picture taken with the new camera. In the car, obviously.

Will and his buddy, Miss Hayden. These were taken the night of receiving said beloved camera.

And for another random pic(s), go here. Yay, pictures!, and none of me ;) Let's hear it for new cameras: hip-hip hooray! Anyone jumping up and down yet? *B


Christmas in September

Thanks to Mom and Dad Summers, we were able to get a new camera (back to picture posts, yay!) AND annual passports to Disneyland! So we spent Labor Day with our friends the Schooleys at said happiest-place-on-earth. It was incredibly hot but oh, so fun! We were all just dripping in sweat (I think "It's a Small World" is my new favorite ride), but the crowds -or lack thereof- was totally worth it! The kids and miss preggo were HUGE troopers through it all. We did a little swip-swap action and us parents were even able to catch a few rides. I can't wait to do it again (but with my hair fixed curly... boy was I dumb; stupid perspiration)! And I'm back to taking lots more pictures of here, there, and everywhere in between. *B


so it's been a while...

Wow, that lasted much longer than I expected. Though I will admit it was nice. For the past couple of weeks we've been suffering through a heat wave. Triple digits, no wind, two fans and NO air-conditioning. I haven't even turned the computer on in the last two days, as it is a furnace in and of itself. I've also been busy reading...

Like I said, it's been a nice "few" days. Just what I needed after bombing our house a couple of Saturdays ago. You see, Brad had studied over at our land-lady's flea-infested office. Seems a few traveled over here. Will got the worse of it. Must have had an allergic reaction. So, instead of waiting for a full blown infestation of our own, we thoroughly cleaned the place (a few of you might realize how daunting that task was), then bombed it, then washed 30 loads of laundry. A very tiring and expensive (both timely and monetarily speaking) weekend.

On to better and more recent news, Christmas came early! But more on that later. Sooner than later, that is. *B