to all you wannabe spooks

I'm so tired.  Must.Sleep.  But, I have something very important to say: Halloween is MY favorite holiday.  It always has been and always will be.  So stop trying to copy me Internet!  Only Martha understands me...  *B


his take on school pictures

(not a school photo)
Me: "Ok, so no funny faces.  You need to smile nice, and be handsome."
Will: "I'm already handsome, mom."

True that!  *B

awesome with a capital "a"

Yes, I am well aware of the time.  Yes, I am exhausted.  Yes, I was unaware that tomorrow is school picture day.  Yes, I am doing a last minute load of laundry.  So without further ado, for your linking pleasure, a list of things that will change your life!

this song (that guitar!)
this show (those pies!)
this book (it's true!)
this bread (so good!)
this class (so sore!)
this cleaning product (amazing!)
this tutorial (fantastic!)
this fabric (I want!)
this necklace (I need!)

And now the laundry is in the dryer, and this mama is in bed!  *B


sew cool

He's ALL boy, all right!  His outfit alone is proof of that... Star Wars + Legos + Halloween = Win x 3.  While he enjoys a good light-saber duel, he also seeks out "girly" past-times during his down-time.  He calls it his yarn work.  His next needle project?  A spider.  Pretty cute tough stuff for a non-matching, pajama-wearing (sick) boy.  Yay for manual dexterity that doesn't involve fists!  *B


ramblings of an imperfectionist

We all know how crazy I am about playing house... for the past week I've been thinking about one of my favorite homes: the Openshaw home.  It's a darling house, thanks to my Aunt Kristen ;) But beyond its cuteness is a feeling there that I can't quite explain.  Honestly, I struggle to come up with a single word to describe the atmosphere found in my cousins' childhood home.  Comfort.  Peace.  Welcome.  Today in church, I heard something that struck so near and dear to my heart.  Something I'm sure I've heard several times over.  But for whatever reason, I listened with both my ears and heart today.  "Only the home can compare with the temple in sacredness."  And I realize the word I'm searching for is sacred.

Later in church we talked about the importance of the family unit, and this month's Visiting Teaching message is about nurturing the rising generation.  And it hits me again, that I want my home to "emanate the spirit of family."  For it is family that is central to God's plan of happiness.  Family is sacred.  I've recently come across Cultivating Home, a beautiful and inspirational blog.  I could read it for hours!  While I am indeed jealous of her farmhouse, I'm even more envious of the relationship she has with her children, and with God.  It reminds me to get on my knees and plead for guidance on how to strengthen my family and home... 

If I had to pick between my ultimate dream home (see here) versus staying forever in my little two-bedroom townhouse that emanates the sacred spirit of family, I would choose the latter.  *B


going halfsies

Does anyone else have issues with finishing projects?  I'm real good at half finishing... in fact, the only thing I've finished from beginning to end is pregnancy.  Oh, and this quilt and pillow.  Both of which I'm super proud of.  Especially that bolster pillow!  But, because both are part of Elsie's unfinished bedding AND  therefore a part of the unfinished kids' room, I still feel unfinished and consequently unsatisfied.  Remember that to-do-list of mine?  The mile long one?  Yeah, that one.  I haven't even scratched the surface of it.  For crying out loud, I've had half of my walls half-painted for the past half-year!

There are just too many things I want to do (ie. decorate for Halloween!!!), and there are too many things I should be doing (ie. painting).  Unfortunately, watching this show and browsing this blog is not a part of my plan o' projects.  Pity.  *B


like a lobster, huge and red!

Spending the night sewing up a storm whilst listening to my most favoritest holiday CD ever.  I guess this means Summer is (mostly) over for the Summers!  *B


miss priss

Sometimes she's too cute for her own good... and seriously, who taught her to be such a girly girl?!  I blame my mother.  She always wanted one.  *B