the first of many homemaking posts

I don't think I ever made it very clear that we did indeed lose the house and therefore bought a foreclosed town house (sounds more quaint than condo).  We've been in it for a few months now, and I'm slowly making it into our own little town home ;)  It's not very big and we don't know how long we'll be here... but we're happy to have a place to call our own.  For being a foreclosure, it's in pretty good shape.  BUT, there are a LOT of things I would like to improve and/or change.  And because it's mine, I CAN and I WILL!

So far we've changed out a light fixture (or two, or three), swapped a faucet, painted a few walls, and even designed/installed a custom closet unit.  I also spray painted my front "porch" light and "house" numbers black.  They used to be brass... like this [shudder].  I wish I had before/after pictures, so that you can be as amazed and thrilled as I was with the relatively simple transformation.  Oh, and we've also replaced several of our kitchen appliances.  I now have a love/hate relationship with Craigslist.

Anyway, we have a TON more projects in store for us.  And little by little, I hope to cross things off this massive list:

-paneled doors
-new door hardware (knobs, hinges, etc.)
-beadboard WP ceilings (bedrooms)


-new door handle
-welcome sign???

-paint storage unit
-new hose
-new grill cover
-drying rack
-new door knob


-wood floors
-refinish desk in white, new hardware
-PB quiet corner chair, red
-new EC knobs
-refinish bench in green
-white beadboard WP on halfwall
-remove countertop, replace with shelf
-clean floors, rug and chair
-refinish book case???

-tile floor
-beadboard cabinetry
-knobs for cabinets
-new countertop
-white beadboard WP in nook
-paint cabinets
-new fridge
-install "new" sink
-magnet board
-dry erase board
-curtains (window/door treatment)
-key ring
-plate montage
-refinish highchair
-laminated chair cushions
-refinish table???
-possible shelves in nook???

-install hooks


-wall quilt
-matching "S" letter board
-matching framed crochet squares

-framed redwork
-hang cat print
-white peg board trim (yellow on bottom, white on top)
-ruffle shower curtain???
-matching towels
-tile flooring

-paint window wall blue
-paint opposite wall white, with blue square
-polka dot curtains
-floor throw pillows
-crib pillows
-dresser knobs
-finish toddler bed

-new faucet
-new light fixture
-tile flooring
-hang curtains
-paint closet shelves
-refinish desk/chair
-letter wall

Today's project involves some beadboard.  I'm beyond giddy!  So I'll be sure to take before/after pictures this time.  And I hope you don't mind, but I have a plethora of home project posts in store.  Hopefully in the near future.  Anyone else as excited as I am?!  I doubt it.  *B


  1. Oh my! When I review the list it is a lot
    more than we were discussing the other day... I can't wait for before and after pictures. Also if you need some help let me know I am just around the corner!!

  2. I'm very excited! I love seeing people's home projects and decorating. I'm sure it looks (and will look) wonderful!

  3. Holy cow that is a crazy long list. With a whole lotta beadboard involved! It's so fun to start working on your very own place. If only all these projects weren't so expensive!

  4. Merciful heavens! That's such a long list. Only you could tackle it :)

  5. I SOOO can't wait to see the before & after pics. Oh How I love those!


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