sleep sweet suite

WARNING: I'm off in dreamland again.  So read to your own boredom...

Every room, nook and cranny in our little wannabe cottage has a visionary counterpart, dreamed up by me.  Sometimes the hub shares my vision, and sometimes he questions it.  He's a good man :)  Slowly, VERY slowly, these spaces have started to take shape and for the most part, I'm pleased with the results!  Homemaking is definitely something I enjoy.  It comes in third.  First being my family (duh) and the gospel - they're related, so they count as one!  Second is nutrition.  The holistic kind.  And third makes homey stuff.  Which unfortunately includes crafting ;)  So anyway, I have had a plan for just about everywhere BUT the master bedroom.  It's been driving me crazy that I couldn't even dream up something.  Is that weird?  That's ok, I accept the fact that I'm weirdly obsessed with playing house.  So anyway, about three days ago I had a revelation and I am so relieved!  It will be a lonnnnnnnnnng time until many, if not most, of my plans go into effect, but it feels good to have a game plan:

-White (sure to be homemade) bedding!  Duvet cover kinda like this, but more like the one in the Lemonade Mermaid room (p. 72) schemed up by Layla of Lettered Cottage [drool much].  And then three large, white pillows done up like this in lieu of shams.  All topped off with this quilt when it's finished, coupled with a few non-white pillows.  You know, just to shake things up a bit.  Oh, and I may add some fancy schmancy crochet edging to the (white) bedskirt.

-due to the layout of the room, our bed is in front of the balcony screen door.  If I were rich, I'd put in some classy glass French doors like these.  But for now, I plan on thrifting some old shutters and fixing 'em up nice.  And then distressing them.  And then hanging them in front of the patio door, kinda like a faux headboard... and then I'll hang our billowing curtains over and around them, if that makes sense.  Oh yes, they will billow.

-So I love beadboard.  I mean, I LOVE it!  Yup, it's going up in my bedroom.  But... I'm painting it green.  Not like Christmas green.  Or poop/puke green.  But a calm, fresh and dreamy green.  And then the rest of the walls will be white.  And on our largest wall, above our desk, I'm thinking of having a letter wall.  Featuring none other than the letter {B}, for me and my man :)

Ok, so you can see it???  I'm crazy.  I know.  Who cares?!  I do!!!  So there's my plan.  A beautiful all-white room with just a pop of color here and there to remind you that you're still alive.  I'm so excited!  I'll be sure to show pictures so you can see what I see.  Yeah, I'll get right on that.  See you in a year (or two)!  Hopefully our beadboard-ed half-wall will be done by then, too.  Along with the beadboard-ed kitchen.  And bathrooms.  And ceilings...  *B


  1. Beadboard is taking over our family!! You have started a trend.

  2. "weirdly obcessed with playing house"...you're funny.


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