good news everyone

The stolen/lost/misplaced items from the swap have returned! I found them today. So I'm sharing them with you so y'all can find some closure. I have. Ah, sweet relief.
In other news, Jenna is drawing the winner tomorrow for the set of quick pages! Hurry your cute little butts on over there! And I know I've shared my QP already, but I just wanted to show you my first two page layout! Exciting, eh?

Truly, life is good.


these are a few of my favorite things

So those of you with sharp eyes may have noticed that the Favorite Things Swap banner has been replaced with another project. That's because, my friends, the aforementioned swap is over (and much thanks to Kelly for putting it on and pulling it off!). Sadness. But not really, because it was lots of fun! So I wanted to share with you the trinkets that I sent off to my dear partner (on their way, actually) and the lovely goodies that the sweet Christie gave me:

Awesome? HECK YES! So fun huh? Apparently we have a lot in common because I loved everything I got! Especially that she, a self proclaimed scrapbook snob (aka. the hard copy kind), gave me some "crappy" stuff annnnnnd a digital scrapbook magazine. How thoughtful! But here's the sad part: I can't find two of my gifts that she sent me! Christie also gave me a wooden "B" that is begging for a coat of Mod Podge, etc... but it has gone missing! I know I saw Will admiring it and carrying it around the house... hopefully I will find it soon and share the pics, because it really bums me out not having it. My partner also sent me a mini Sharpie pen, but my husband used it and now I can't find it either! Boys, grr.

And what do we have here? Here's a little peak of what I sent to her, wrapped. Poor thing, she just barely moved! That's right, she participated in all of this while moving across the country!!! So this little package is on its way to its new destination at her new home. I hope it will brighten her day:

And if you happen to be my swap partner, cease reading now!!! I want to show everyone else what is underneath all that pretty (and inventive ;) wrapping:

And this is what is inside the tin:

I hope she likes it...


that's uncle with a k

"K" stands for Kory, the handsome devil of a brother in the above picture (the one holding Monk, who calls him KaKa). He's coming to visit me today!!! I mean, he's coming to visit US, for a week! I'm so excited! So I thought I'd introduce him and let you know that I just might be a little MIA for a few days. We've got big plans.

You see, both of my brothers are extremely talented. Brother #2 (Elder Adam Borgia, at least that's what we'll call him for another 3 weeks!!!) is a fantastic artist and writer. Don't get me wrong, Kory is also talented in those areas. But where he really shines is in creating _____. That's right, he can create pretty much anything (hence the blank spot). He just finished up his Eagle Project last week and needless to say, I wasn't surprised with what he put together:

So this week my brother and I will be crafting side by side. We've got big plans. Last time we were together we made these. So yeah, I'll see him in 4 hours. Yay! And I think we'll start our adventures this week here. We'll be sure to take lots of goofy pictures of ourselves, our adventures and our creations. I'll keep you posted.

*credits coming


are you a goober too?

I was inspired by my Heather to do yet another photo shoot of myself. But this time, as the real me, the nerd that I am. And I decided to make it a tag! Yay, my first made up TAG, how exciting! Anyone and everyone can play. So here's what you do: Have a personal photo shoot that shows who you are, normally (even if you're not normal...). For example, I'm normally in my pajamas which mainly consist of a t-shirt from the high school days (most of them I've stolen from my brother) and yoga capris (No, it's NOT because I work out in them... I'm lazy. For reals.). My hairstyle of choice? A pony tail of sorts. In these pictures I also have my bangs pinned back in a poof (Yes, I have bangs! I feel another shoot coming on, shoot!). Also necessary: glasses. Yes, I have contacts, but I choose not to wear them. And if anyone would like to purchase me some new chic pink glasses from Michael Kors, you're more then welcome to.

Now it's your turn! It's profile time.
HINT: you may want to wash your mirrors...
credits: they'll get here, eventually. *B


swamped in scrapping


Take it slow

Take it easy on me
Shed some light
Shed some light on me please
Take it slow
Take it easy on me
Shed some light
Shed some light on me please
-- Feist*

*new theme song (top right)

CHECK IT OUT: Miss Jenna Nelson of Littlebird Design is having another blog contest! Let me hear ya say woot-woot! Hollaback girls and go get ya some!


it's a daily thing

We watch this movie at least once a day. It's Monk's favorite. He dances around excitedly as he waits for it to play. And we faithfully watch the show on PBS/KCET every morning (8:00AM sharp). George is Will's long lost twin, birthed from another mother...

PS- I'm in love with Jack Johnson. We all are, really.


update on the ruminate

I think we have kicked the habit. The bink habit that is. I'm a little afraid of being so optimistic, but I think Monk is seriously done with the thing. He did manage to find it one day and sucked on it quite contentedly until I noticed he had it. But with the pulling of that plug, then and there, I believe it is over. For reals. *grin*

Also in the works is getting Will to eat like a proper adult. Yes, I realize he's almost two, but now is the time to teach him, right? Right. I always get comments (from the grandparents or land lady) that he doesn't look like he's suffering from any want of food, accompanied with a warning to not make him fat (pllllllease!). It's just those tricky cheeks of his because he really doesn't eat that much. And ever since the weaning of the bottle and such I always worry about what kind of nutrition he's getting. I'm sorry, but animal crackers, gold fish and gummy bear vitamins don't make the cut in my nutrient dense category. And he's not a cow. He needs to sit down and have a meal with the rest of the family, non-grazing like.

Anyway, what I've been trying to say is that now with the pacifier out of the picture, we've moved on to the next step of growing up (which is sad, him growing up and all *sniff-sniff* But I am his mother and I have been given the task of mentor...). And that step is sitting at the table and eating the food that is placed before you. A few days ago it wasn't going so well. We had to bribe him with chocolate chips. For each bite of chicken/pasta/peas he was awarded a chip. Whatever he didn't finish he had for breakfast paired with the aforementioned bait. And we are happy to say that we haven't had to pull out those big guns since! No more bribery, no more tantrums, just some "quiet" family meal time. *sigh*

He's getting used to the fact of feeding himself, which is somewhat ridiculously frustrating (it's not like he hasn't done it before, countless times previous!). So for now me and the hub tag team him. Most of the time if you were to ask Monk if he wanted a bite he'd say no, but he will still open his mouth and take a bite when we tell him to. And we're starting to give him his food on "grown-up" plates with matching forks so he can eat just like mom and dad (why is it that he wants to eat what's on our plates but not his???). Tonight he did actually take a few bites sans parents, hallelujah! It's still a work in progress but we're definitely moving forward. And I must say, it really is nice to have us all sit down together. It's something both Brad and I grew up with and something we both value and deem necessary to teach our children. And seeing as Will is on the forefront of the rearing process, it's just nice to see some responsiveness.

PS-No, I haven't given him sushi since the picture. Although he does now eat close to two bananas a day, in the style of wandering, no less (we do allow him to snack on fruit and such. It's just a different story come meal time). But notice the dishes? Aren't they so cute? Thanks Target, oh how I love thee (and the Easter Bunny *wink-wink*).

credits: Ribbon from W&W CCC Obviously Orange, staple and frame from KSKdesigns, SP ScallopedBorder, "Yum" chalk sign from Scarling_dinnerparty (also found at Shabby Princess).


pictures and pacifiers

Wow, two posts in two days straight?!
What is this blog coming to? :P

Anyway, just thought I would update you all on the latest development in our household: Will has graduated from the use of a pacifier. That's right, he no longer uses one! It was just time to let it go. And he has gone an entire week without one, including naps and bedtime! It's been a long week with some rough patches in between the smooth ones, but when all is said and done, it's all good! The picture of him and hub on the left was from a long time ago, back in the day of our Rexburg days... And now look at how much he's grown! *sniff-sniff*

Now just wish us luck in getting him to eat his food while sitting at the table...

credits: WD_ Frame Cluster (?) and then everything else is from W&W Celebrating Color Collection (namely the blue, yellow and pink kits).

the men in my life

So I talked about the women in my life and it's only right that I talk about the men, and boys, in my life, too. Heck, it is Father's Day after all (at least, it was 15 minutes ago...). Let me just start by saying that I am what you might call a daddy's girl. I don't deny it now nor have I ever denied it in the past. Here I am, publicly admitting that I adore my father and his slective doting nature. Always have and always will. And doesn't he look so much like Cesare Borgia? But I digress... I also love my father-in-law (below), the father of my husband, who is the father of my children.

I'm so lucky to have this guy who treats me so well; I'm terribly spoiled. He just loves me for me and I love that. What's more is that I love how he loves our son. One of my favorite things is to watch him play with Will. I love walking behind them, watching Brad point out every bug to Will, explaining and then basking in his son's enthusiasm. I think as often as Brad says to me "I love you beautiful", he says equally frequently "I just love this kid!" (in regards to Will. Most of the time it's when Monk has climbed up onto the couch to share a seat with his Dad.). As lucky as I am to be his wife, Will is just as lucky to be his son.

Speaking of luck, Will has some dang good grandpas. Both are such good men with such different and wonderful talents and qualities that they've passed on to their children and now this grandchild of theirs. BJ's sense of play and joy for life is easily found in his son, Brad. And it is obvious that Will is one happy kid, as a Summers should be! And my father, Phil (above), is so dedicated, so focused, in anything that he puts his mind to. I can be too, but man, you should see my son when he gets going on a project! Nothing can deter that kid from his task at hand (like walking a dog, for an hour!).

How lucky we are, me and my two boys, to have the love and support of these two men, our fathers. How grateful I am for the values that were taught in each of our homes. For their teachings and their guidance that has gotten us to where we are today. We are who we are because of them and their enduring efforts.

My husband, my fathers and their fathers, have set such good examples for our little family. Their individual strengths and weaknesses have been observed and embodied and are now being passed on. How blessed we are to have set up for us these family units, led by these diligent patriarchs, as designated by our Father in Heaven. He has also blessed me with kind and loving brothers who will one day soon have children of their own, who will embrace the worthy title of father. And one day, in a more distant future, my son will be one too.

PS-Notice the "sketches"? I got the idea here and I'm printing them out and having Will color them, as a gift to his grandpas. So watch for it in the mail you guys!

*Credits for my hub's page are here. As for the fathers frame over on the left, I believe the frame is from Carrie Stephens, the doodle frame from EHI (Scrap Simple brushes), the brad from Gina Cabrera, and everything else from W&W Celebrating Color Collection (black and red kits) at ScrapArtist.com.


please pass the sunblock

All right, I'm finally getting around to posting our pics from our last trip (that would be the Mesa one). It's so fun to go home, I love it! But I think Will is an even bigger fan. He is spoiled rotten with all the attention he can ever ask for, and then some! What made this trip even better was that Brad didn't have to study. He sat around playing video games, cutting wood and listening to music with Kory, and lots of swimming. All of this without feeling guilty! It was great.

So here are some pictures of some pool time. First is a page hot off the press, so to speak (type). Here's Monk enjoying his time in the pool with his Pops. My camera was on the fritz, so these are all from my mom (thanks!). Anyway, there was lots going on in the way of the Borgias. My cousin graduated from high school so my grandpa was down there visiting and we were able to get all the close relatives to come and chill. It was also great.

{click here for credits}

And here comes the classic Polaroid photo pile. It's just so dang easy. I'm in love with Picasa. Anyway, so this here collage (combined with pictures from the scrap) represents the two spectrums of Will's relationship with water. At first he's timid and not entirely thrilled with the idea of being wet. But then he quickly gets used to it and has a lovely splash fest. And yes, I did get in the pool, in this, but luckily, there is no evidence...
PS- I lied. Like I would EVER show my stomach after what Will's done to it! However, I did have a new black and white floral one-piece halter swimsuit from Target. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Oh, and I also wore something to cover up my hindquarters.


don't be mad, get glad

You can't tell me that this isn't one of the sweetest things you've ever seen in the past five minutes of your internet browsing/blog perusing! So hear my plea: forgive me for being a bad girl (in the ways of blogging). Of course, things here are busy, like they are everywhere else for everyone. But mostly, I'm enjoying my time with my two boys. Enough said.

credits: ScrapGirls' Refresh Chipboard (freebie), W&W's Going West's ribbon clip, some free Aged-scalloped frame, and MisprintedType's Porcelain font.


just who do you think we are?

What was I doing ten years ago?
Me: Oh heavens, I have no idea! Let me call my mom... *short intermission* Well, I just finished seventh grade and started summer break. I was probably just reading and swimming.
Hub: I was working at a financial seminar company and going into my senior year.

What was I doing one year ago?
Me: Just "officially" graduated (long story) and moved out to live with Brad's folks in Seattle.
Hub: Graduated, working at a forge, studying for the patent bar and getting ready for law school

Five snacks I enjoy:
1. my trail mix (dry roasted almonds, chocolate chips, raisins)
2. veggies with roasted red pepper hummus
3. chips and/or crackers (IF I let myself. Yeah, it's a huge weakness)
4. Larabars
5. cheese and pickles
1. Anything meaty
2. Doritos
3. Hot Dogs
4. Whatever is in front of me
5. Smoothies

Five songs I know all the words to:
1. Gangstas Paradise by Coolio
2. Undone- The Sweater Song by Weezer
3. Shadowboxer by Fiona Apple
4. Crucify by Tori Amos
5. This Is Halloween (Danny Elfman, Nightmare Before Christmas, naturally. Honestly, I know the whole soundtrack by heart...)
1. You don't know me
2. Star Wars: the saga begins (Weird Al)
3. The Chair (George Stait)
4. Your Love (The Outfield)
5. Soon Forget (Pearl Jam)

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire?
1. Build my dream home in Sonoma Valley
2. Own a vineyard in said valley (organic grape juice baby!)
3. Have a daily florist outfit my home in greenery finery
4. Lots and lots of humanitarian/charity work
5. Fund a library/museum
1. Set up a sweet home network
2. Eat at nice restruants
3. Buy a small island
4. Tons of boating
5. Personal trainer + lipo

Five things I like doing:
1. reading
2. yoga
3. overall crafting (sewing fits into that category, right?)
4. computer stuff (including blogging and digital scrap booking)
5. eating out
1. Hanging out with Beth and Will
2. Playing computer games
3. Boating
4. Learning things
5. Shooting

Five things I will NEVER wear again:
1. 80s hairstyle (the bangs, the ratting... what were we thinking?)
2. Baggy T shirts combined with those biker/Lycra shorts
3. Mini Skirts (uh, yeah)
4. Jeans that make your lower half look like an ice cream cone
5. Fabric Scrunchies
1. Hammer pants
2. clip-on ties
3. Anything Beth says "no" to (like tapered jeans, I don't care if they come back -Beth)

Five of my bad habits:
1. crack my knuckles
2. tear layers from my nails
3. procrastination
4. eating out
5. creating meaningful messes
1. Lazy
2. Procrastination
3. Eating too much
4. Exercising too little
5. Beth

Five of my Favorite toys:
1. computer
2. scrabble
3. camera
4. sewing machine
5. Vita-Mix
1. Computer
2 . Gun
3. Kite
4. Model planes
5. My latest electronic gizmo

Thanks Leslie, for the tag. Actually, it was lots of fun, having Brad join and all. I think he had a good time, too. Now I tag Heather, Lindsey, Jolene, Carlee and Amy (and anyone else who wants to participate! Modify it as you see fit.) Ooh-ooh, I'm excited! :)


fishing for compliments

Well, not really. I was just trying to think of a clever title and that's what I came up with. Obviously my creative juices are a little on the diluted side. Anyway, so here are some of those long awaited pictures from our trip in Washington.

We were able to chill with the Summers for a few days and then another set of few days we went to the very Westernmost tip of WA where we relaxed and enjoyed each other's company. Brad and Dad went and fished with a group of manly men and caught us some nice eatery (check out my stud's haul down below)! Then the next day Mom, Will and I joined them for a day trip out on the boat in Neah Bay. The water was relatively calm and Will did great; loved every minute, especially when those minutes were spent with Papa in front of the wheel and all those buttons! Of course Monk knew exactly how that radio worked.
"Haling Wanlass!"

Now, I HATE these pictures of me, but I promised Brad I would show them. I also haphazardly promise that I do clean up nicely. But in all honesty, I had a blast, which is why Brad LOVES these pictures, because you can see how excited I was about catching such a large fish (a fish we believe to be a Yellow Eye, thereby making it illegal. So we left it there, to "lie with the fishes". More like lying with the seagulls... apparently this mammoth goldfish dies on its way up to the surface because of the sudden change in pressure on its way up causes it to explode, internally. What a shame. I felt terrible, albeit elated. Hmmm?).

PS- Totally unrelated, yet somewhat related simultaneously, notice the new blog theme: "Ocean City Girl" by Ivy. PERFECT! Enjoy.

*digital elements: lriordan_funky floral_frame. And I don't know where I got the frame cluster from; it's a freebie, naturally.



So we have our winner(s)! I know, I know, it's about time, right?! Sorry it's taken me so long with this past give-away, things have been crazy this past month or so, as I'm sure many of you can relate. But I was also having such a hard time deciding how I would go about picking the winner of a B original apron... Thanks for all your comments, it's so fun to hear what someone's creative mess is, I love it! I especially loved Britt's idea of wearing an apron as lingerie!!! Kills me! What a hoot! Don't think that hasn't already crossed my mind though, HA! ;) Anyway, so our fabulous winner is the L herself AND her lil' miss G!

Isn't she beautiful?! So here I was taking a shower, debating on what to do, and it suddenly seemed so clear to me: Leslie. She is always doing something for someone else and I often wonder if she ever has such sweetness returned to her. I mean, this gal is AMAZINGLY talented, as well as amazingly busy. And she throws a party to boot for anyone lucky enough to call her a friend or acquaintance. But get this: just last week she took a few minutes to send me a package of scrapbook supplies! It's not like I won anything, she was just being her lovely self and thought I might like some scraps to craft with. I love it! So get in touch with me Missy so we can talk details!

Oh, and I know it's been a while, but for those of you who participated in the give-away before last, you're due for a consolation prize! Tell me what you want already! If I don't hear from you I'll just assume you hate getting little treats in the mail... so sad.

And now that our present-day give-away is over, it's on to the next fun thing: a swap. I just signed up for this one here (and you'll notice it has taken the place of the apron collage over there on the right sidebar), and I encourage anyone who might be interested to join in! It's going to be super-dee-duper fun, I'm so excited! But what's more, my ultra chic cuz and I want to come up with a swap of our own (ok, so I begged her to co-host one with me! Thanks Rob, much love! ;) So I thought I'd ask for some help with the drawing board. What would you lovely ladies like to swap???

*digital elements are from W&W Celebrating Color Collection: Perfectly Pink and Bodaciously Brown, found at ScrapArtist.com.