update on the ruminate

I think we have kicked the habit. The bink habit that is. I'm a little afraid of being so optimistic, but I think Monk is seriously done with the thing. He did manage to find it one day and sucked on it quite contentedly until I noticed he had it. But with the pulling of that plug, then and there, I believe it is over. For reals. *grin*

Also in the works is getting Will to eat like a proper adult. Yes, I realize he's almost two, but now is the time to teach him, right? Right. I always get comments (from the grandparents or land lady) that he doesn't look like he's suffering from any want of food, accompanied with a warning to not make him fat (pllllllease!). It's just those tricky cheeks of his because he really doesn't eat that much. And ever since the weaning of the bottle and such I always worry about what kind of nutrition he's getting. I'm sorry, but animal crackers, gold fish and gummy bear vitamins don't make the cut in my nutrient dense category. And he's not a cow. He needs to sit down and have a meal with the rest of the family, non-grazing like.

Anyway, what I've been trying to say is that now with the pacifier out of the picture, we've moved on to the next step of growing up (which is sad, him growing up and all *sniff-sniff* But I am his mother and I have been given the task of mentor...). And that step is sitting at the table and eating the food that is placed before you. A few days ago it wasn't going so well. We had to bribe him with chocolate chips. For each bite of chicken/pasta/peas he was awarded a chip. Whatever he didn't finish he had for breakfast paired with the aforementioned bait. And we are happy to say that we haven't had to pull out those big guns since! No more bribery, no more tantrums, just some "quiet" family meal time. *sigh*

He's getting used to the fact of feeding himself, which is somewhat ridiculously frustrating (it's not like he hasn't done it before, countless times previous!). So for now me and the hub tag team him. Most of the time if you were to ask Monk if he wanted a bite he'd say no, but he will still open his mouth and take a bite when we tell him to. And we're starting to give him his food on "grown-up" plates with matching forks so he can eat just like mom and dad (why is it that he wants to eat what's on our plates but not his???). Tonight he did actually take a few bites sans parents, hallelujah! It's still a work in progress but we're definitely moving forward. And I must say, it really is nice to have us all sit down together. It's something both Brad and I grew up with and something we both value and deem necessary to teach our children. And seeing as Will is on the forefront of the rearing process, it's just nice to see some responsiveness.

PS-No, I haven't given him sushi since the picture. Although he does now eat close to two bananas a day, in the style of wandering, no less (we do allow him to snack on fruit and such. It's just a different story come meal time). But notice the dishes? Aren't they so cute? Thanks Target, oh how I love thee (and the Easter Bunny *wink-wink*).

credits: Ribbon from W&W CCC Obviously Orange, staple and frame from KSKdesigns, SP ScallopedBorder, "Yum" chalk sign from Scarling_dinnerparty (also found at Shabby Princess).


  1. I know not everyone will think that it is not so important now to teach Will to sit and eat with you. But it is easier than waiting until he is bigger and louder. Besides it's good for him, too. I'm glad he's getting some use out of those dishes--instead of using them for frisbees or something else!

  2. Congrats on all the progress!

  3. Ashley H.8:26 AM

    I was dying laughing over this post because this sounds EXACTLY like our meal times with Liv. She is the pickiest eater and we have to bribe her with fruit snacks to get her to eat anything besides a cheese quesadilla and bananas. Everyone including her doctor tell me that is perfectly normal and that she is still growing but that doesn't comfort me at all!! Good luck with getting Will to eat!!!

  4. Did you buy your sushi somewhere or make it?

  5. The eating at the table, and eating nutritiously is still an ordeal at our house...glad to hear I'm not the only one. Thanks for adding the chocolate chip bribe--I think I will be using it at my house tonight. :)

  6. No, I did not make the sushi. I have made it before and it's rather difficult.

  7. Go Beth go! LOL
    We do the same thing in our house. It's definitely a challenge in the beginning to teach them to sit and eat. Bryce finally learned when meal time was. We never let him have junk food either. He's just now coming out of his "picky" stage... thank goodness. Good for you guys stinking to your guns! It will be well worth it.

  8. Hi Beth! I'm you cousin-in-law and must confess to reading your blog regularly and now imposing my comments! Your Will is so cute and your post made me smile because my Gavin (also two) is a meal--wanderer... the booster seat belt is the only way I get my family dinner time without the wanderlust... so fun and good luck!

  9. that post was hilarious...you are really making me laugh, especially because ashley h. is my sister, and since i lived with her two summers in a row, i can attest to the fact that liv is a very picky eater. i've witnessed it with my own eyes!

    on another note...sushi. YUM. my husband hates it...so i never get to eat it anymore. jealous.


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