So we have our winner(s)! I know, I know, it's about time, right?! Sorry it's taken me so long with this past give-away, things have been crazy this past month or so, as I'm sure many of you can relate. But I was also having such a hard time deciding how I would go about picking the winner of a B original apron... Thanks for all your comments, it's so fun to hear what someone's creative mess is, I love it! I especially loved Britt's idea of wearing an apron as lingerie!!! Kills me! What a hoot! Don't think that hasn't already crossed my mind though, HA! ;) Anyway, so our fabulous winner is the L herself AND her lil' miss G!

Isn't she beautiful?! So here I was taking a shower, debating on what to do, and it suddenly seemed so clear to me: Leslie. She is always doing something for someone else and I often wonder if she ever has such sweetness returned to her. I mean, this gal is AMAZINGLY talented, as well as amazingly busy. And she throws a party to boot for anyone lucky enough to call her a friend or acquaintance. But get this: just last week she took a few minutes to send me a package of scrapbook supplies! It's not like I won anything, she was just being her lovely self and thought I might like some scraps to craft with. I love it! So get in touch with me Missy so we can talk details!

Oh, and I know it's been a while, but for those of you who participated in the give-away before last, you're due for a consolation prize! Tell me what you want already! If I don't hear from you I'll just assume you hate getting little treats in the mail... so sad.

And now that our present-day give-away is over, it's on to the next fun thing: a swap. I just signed up for this one here (and you'll notice it has taken the place of the apron collage over there on the right sidebar), and I encourage anyone who might be interested to join in! It's going to be super-dee-duper fun, I'm so excited! But what's more, my ultra chic cuz and I want to come up with a swap of our own (ok, so I begged her to co-host one with me! Thanks Rob, much love! ;) So I thought I'd ask for some help with the drawing board. What would you lovely ladies like to swap???

*digital elements are from W&W Celebrating Color Collection: Perfectly Pink and Bodaciously Brown, found at ScrapArtist.com.


  1. Can't possibly say how kind (and totally awesomely awesome) I think this is of you. Thank you so much...you are a dear. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE OUR APRONS! That is going to be so adorable to have myself and G in matching ones. Thanks again B!

  2. thanks for the plug... great idea on opening the swap idea up to everyone. i've seen fabric swaps, whatever you can fit into a 1 quart bag swaps, just recently i saw a "spring" swap, where you were supposed to send something for each letter in spring... for example a "greeen" dish for g.

  3. I'm so excited about this swap. I'll think about it and write soon. And I'm glad that Leslie gets those darling aprons---you're right...she deserves it!

  4. If I send you something will you send me Will??

  5. Beth... I need your help! I am so tired of my blog looking the same as everyone else but I am not smart enough to change it. Can you please save me and help me change the blog?

  6. I'll quickly tell you what the Christ-like man did. He came out while I was between the doors with Cameron and just asked if everything was okay several times. Between my sobs, I told him what happened and he said, "Don't worry about what those people say out there. They're just ronchy old ladies." He then gave Cameron some JC Penny coins (he was an employee) and a sticker he found in his office. He was SO nice. He just calmed Cameron down. Now, what did I say to those old ladies? Here's a summary:
    Old lady #1: Excuse me, I'm not trying to be difficult, but I have an annuerysm in my brain and this is KILLING ME."
    Me: What do you want me to do?
    Old lady #1: Calm him down or take him outside or something!
    Me: I'm not taking him outside. I've tried to calm him down. He won't stop.
    Old lady #1: Well you need to take him outside. This is really bothering me.
    Me: Don't you think it's bothering me?? You can try and calm him down if you'd like.
    Old lady #1: Says to Cameron, "Hunny. Stop crying. Margaret is going to help you."
    Cameron: screaming, screaming, kicking, rolling on the floor totally delerious!
    Me: If it's bothering you that much, go to another store.
    Old lady #2: Take him somewhere else.
    Me: Just LEAVE ME ALONE. (run away crying with Cameron while my friend watches Isaac and her baby)
    The best part of this story is: it happened AGAIN yesterday at Target. But the lady this time was only like 55-60 years old and she called Target Management on me because I wouldn't take Cameron outside. What punks! I am sick of old people!

  7. I just signed up for the swap- just in time too. Love this idea... i'm in on any swaps that you want to do Miss Thing!


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