just who do you think we are?

What was I doing ten years ago?
Me: Oh heavens, I have no idea! Let me call my mom... *short intermission* Well, I just finished seventh grade and started summer break. I was probably just reading and swimming.
Hub: I was working at a financial seminar company and going into my senior year.

What was I doing one year ago?
Me: Just "officially" graduated (long story) and moved out to live with Brad's folks in Seattle.
Hub: Graduated, working at a forge, studying for the patent bar and getting ready for law school

Five snacks I enjoy:
1. my trail mix (dry roasted almonds, chocolate chips, raisins)
2. veggies with roasted red pepper hummus
3. chips and/or crackers (IF I let myself. Yeah, it's a huge weakness)
4. Larabars
5. cheese and pickles
1. Anything meaty
2. Doritos
3. Hot Dogs
4. Whatever is in front of me
5. Smoothies

Five songs I know all the words to:
1. Gangstas Paradise by Coolio
2. Undone- The Sweater Song by Weezer
3. Shadowboxer by Fiona Apple
4. Crucify by Tori Amos
5. This Is Halloween (Danny Elfman, Nightmare Before Christmas, naturally. Honestly, I know the whole soundtrack by heart...)
1. You don't know me
2. Star Wars: the saga begins (Weird Al)
3. The Chair (George Stait)
4. Your Love (The Outfield)
5. Soon Forget (Pearl Jam)

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire?
1. Build my dream home in Sonoma Valley
2. Own a vineyard in said valley (organic grape juice baby!)
3. Have a daily florist outfit my home in greenery finery
4. Lots and lots of humanitarian/charity work
5. Fund a library/museum
1. Set up a sweet home network
2. Eat at nice restruants
3. Buy a small island
4. Tons of boating
5. Personal trainer + lipo

Five things I like doing:
1. reading
2. yoga
3. overall crafting (sewing fits into that category, right?)
4. computer stuff (including blogging and digital scrap booking)
5. eating out
1. Hanging out with Beth and Will
2. Playing computer games
3. Boating
4. Learning things
5. Shooting

Five things I will NEVER wear again:
1. 80s hairstyle (the bangs, the ratting... what were we thinking?)
2. Baggy T shirts combined with those biker/Lycra shorts
3. Mini Skirts (uh, yeah)
4. Jeans that make your lower half look like an ice cream cone
5. Fabric Scrunchies
1. Hammer pants
2. clip-on ties
3. Anything Beth says "no" to (like tapered jeans, I don't care if they come back -Beth)

Five of my bad habits:
1. crack my knuckles
2. tear layers from my nails
3. procrastination
4. eating out
5. creating meaningful messes
1. Lazy
2. Procrastination
3. Eating too much
4. Exercising too little
5. Beth

Five of my Favorite toys:
1. computer
2. scrabble
3. camera
4. sewing machine
5. Vita-Mix
1. Computer
2 . Gun
3. Kite
4. Model planes
5. My latest electronic gizmo

Thanks Leslie, for the tag. Actually, it was lots of fun, having Brad join and all. I think he had a good time, too. Now I tag Heather, Lindsey, Jolene, Carlee and Amy (and anyone else who wants to participate! Modify it as you see fit.) Ooh-ooh, I'm excited! :)


  1. How are you one of your husband's bad habits? hmm? Or is it something I just don't want to know about? teeheehee

  2. Fun to read. I think I pretty much knew most of that already.

  3. I got a good laugh out of some of those. You know you so wish you could relive the 80's do. LOL

  4. Very entertaining. Unfortunately Beth, the ratting stage lasted longer for some of us. See recent blog pic for details.

  5. i laughed too at you being brad's bad habit.

    and i din't know you had a vita mix.

  6. teehee, I thought it was really funny to see the different personalities show thru in the answers! :)

  7. Shannon9:07 AM

    Some of us have never left the "ratting habit".

  8. AHHHH! Larabars and Vitamix!!!! I covet a Vitamix SO BADLY! I want one in the worst way possible! And Cashew Cookie Larabar is my fave. What's yours?

  9. A vitamix? SWEET! I so want one of those. Your list was fun to read... and I'm glad you're putting your foot down about the tapered pants.


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