the men in my life

So I talked about the women in my life and it's only right that I talk about the men, and boys, in my life, too. Heck, it is Father's Day after all (at least, it was 15 minutes ago...). Let me just start by saying that I am what you might call a daddy's girl. I don't deny it now nor have I ever denied it in the past. Here I am, publicly admitting that I adore my father and his slective doting nature. Always have and always will. And doesn't he look so much like Cesare Borgia? But I digress... I also love my father-in-law (below), the father of my husband, who is the father of my children.

I'm so lucky to have this guy who treats me so well; I'm terribly spoiled. He just loves me for me and I love that. What's more is that I love how he loves our son. One of my favorite things is to watch him play with Will. I love walking behind them, watching Brad point out every bug to Will, explaining and then basking in his son's enthusiasm. I think as often as Brad says to me "I love you beautiful", he says equally frequently "I just love this kid!" (in regards to Will. Most of the time it's when Monk has climbed up onto the couch to share a seat with his Dad.). As lucky as I am to be his wife, Will is just as lucky to be his son.

Speaking of luck, Will has some dang good grandpas. Both are such good men with such different and wonderful talents and qualities that they've passed on to their children and now this grandchild of theirs. BJ's sense of play and joy for life is easily found in his son, Brad. And it is obvious that Will is one happy kid, as a Summers should be! And my father, Phil (above), is so dedicated, so focused, in anything that he puts his mind to. I can be too, but man, you should see my son when he gets going on a project! Nothing can deter that kid from his task at hand (like walking a dog, for an hour!).

How lucky we are, me and my two boys, to have the love and support of these two men, our fathers. How grateful I am for the values that were taught in each of our homes. For their teachings and their guidance that has gotten us to where we are today. We are who we are because of them and their enduring efforts.

My husband, my fathers and their fathers, have set such good examples for our little family. Their individual strengths and weaknesses have been observed and embodied and are now being passed on. How blessed we are to have set up for us these family units, led by these diligent patriarchs, as designated by our Father in Heaven. He has also blessed me with kind and loving brothers who will one day soon have children of their own, who will embrace the worthy title of father. And one day, in a more distant future, my son will be one too.

PS-Notice the "sketches"? I got the idea here and I'm printing them out and having Will color them, as a gift to his grandpas. So watch for it in the mail you guys!

*Credits for my hub's page are here. As for the fathers frame over on the left, I believe the frame is from Carrie Stephens, the doodle frame from EHI (Scrap Simple brushes), the brad from Gina Cabrera, and everything else from W&W Celebrating Color Collection (black and red kits) at ScrapArtist.com.


  1. Neat post Beth. You are one lucky girl!

  2. Thanks for doing this, honey! What a beautiful post. Yes, you do have some really good men in your life. And they are pretty good looking, too!

  3. You are one lucky woman! I love the sketches in that sweet little frame. The Gpas will love those for sure. PS... your dad is a handsome dude.


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