nopity, nopity noo

My favorite phrase (Name that movie!) to use in place of NO...

For those of you who were wondering, I am NOT pregnant.
Better luck next time? *B

PS-photo taken by Monk, himself. No joke.


salivate much?

I know everyone and their dog has probably seen this already, but I've got to do my own selfish part! The dear and lovely Camille has a sa-weet give-away going on. I can't believe she's going to willingly give up one of her gorgeous quilts to some person! Wow. I mean, WOW! But if she is, then I hope that person is me! I already told her that there's no one out there in the world that would love it more than me. Seriously. Then grab a bib to catch all that slobbery goo your mouth is bound to release and then check it out.

And tell her I sent you! *B


"I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we'd all eat it and be happy."
Mother bloggers unite!!!

I never said that there is anything wrong with a mom blog. I was simply saying that I (me, myself) choose to stay public, but am also aware of the fact that unknown others might come across my blog. That is why I do not feel comfortable posting certain things. If you happen to be the kind of person who likes to share intimate stories and/or pictures about yourself and loved ones AND if you happen to be worried about who may be looking at your web log, then maybe going private is right for you. I, however, want to stay public so I choose to filter my own content, only posting what I feel is safe.

What you blog about is up to you. Not me. And I would never tell anyone how to run their blog, or their life. I just thought you should know that about me. *B


busy thinkin' stuff

So, my blog has kinda slowed down in the area of postage, eh? Sorry, to anyone who is or has been disappointed by that fact. Anyway, I just haven't been feeling it, as of late. No reason, really. But I had to get on here and post something, so that TMI post wasn't at the top anymore. Thanks for all the well wishes! And I'll keep you posted with as much info as you can stomach, because as P-dub would say I'm just "keepin' it real."

Now, this handsome little devil of mine has been keepin' me preoccupied, physically and mentally. I haven't been tending for a few weeks now, so it's just been me and him. Some days were hard and long, and boring without a play mate. But I've been getting back into the groove of things; of our buddiness. And I've really enjoyed it. How can I not? Look at that face!!!

(Lindsey captured him, perfectly)

I've also been thinking a lot about blogging, in general. The whole private vs. public debate... and guess what? I'm staying public. While I believe some may have some valid concern about going private (it is your blog after all, do as you will), I don't feel the same. I've made so many friends and met so many amazing and wonderful people throughout this community. But, I'm careful to not associate myself in certain circles, etc. Just to be safe. And really, a stalker? Stalking me? Puhlease! Who am I to stalk? Besides, the crazies could find me without a blog.

With that being said, I'm not one to divulge in my lifestyle as a mom. Yes, I just referenced the fact that we are trying to get pregnant. That's pretty personal. I realize that. But what I'm not going to do is post a million pictures of my child(ren) and list all of my daily routines. It's just not smart. What's more is that this isn't entirely a mom blog. Sorry to all the family out there who wants to read nothing more than how us Summers are doing, pictures galore et al. Yes, I'm a mom. Yes, I love being a mom. But I'm a mom all day, every day, 24/7. I don't feel like I have to prove how hard I'm trying to be a good mom. And I would go crazy if that's all I thought about. And that's why I craft. That's why I blog. Because I'm a person, too. Not just a mom.

Tangent over. And, I'm about to share a little of my mom side, so jump back (and feel free to call me a hypocrite)! As I was saying, I've been really enjoying my little boy. He's not a baby anymore. He's on the verge of becoming a real, live big boy. He's growing up before my eyes and if I'm not careful, I'm going to miss it! Just a few things he's been doing or saying to melt my heart:
  • Talking. A lot. Things like, "Excuse me? Can I hold that?"
  • Pretending. A lot. Like treasure hunts, making cookies and juice, etc.
  • Playing. We play a lot of board games and we take a lot of walks. Just today we went on a bug walk where we kept our eyes' open for pill bugs so we could scare them into balls and then flick them (I know, I'm a mean mom and a bad example...).
  • Baths. All the time. It's amazing (and wonderful) how much four inches of water, some bubbles and a couple of water guns will entertain a toddler.
  • Crafts. I've been having a lot of fun making things. And so has Monk. I'm trying to really encourage his sense of creativity. We're already working on some needle-friendly skills. And I just received my wonderful win of a book: The Creative Family. I'm so excited to try out everything. Thanks Kim! And thank you, SouleMama.
  • Mischief. The kid's got brains and he puts them to good use. He knows how to work our entire entertainment system. It's not only impressive that he can find and insert the DVD of his choice (which usually requires dragging a chair over and removing the previous movie), but it's also pretty miraculous how well the finger smudged discs play...
  • Illness. The poor boy's been sick these past couple of days, which just breaks my heart. But of course he's been mostly sweet, laying on the couch for hours watching movies while mom re-reads her not-so-trashy vampire romance novels. I think he's on the mend, though. Whew.
And there you have it. My thoughts. And believe me, I have many more...
For another day. *B


busy makin' stuff

like blankets, hair clips, onesies, bibs, aprons and babies. Yes, you read right. Babies. No, I am not pregnant. But soon I will be! Here's hoping. For a baby...

It has indeed been six months since that awful, fateful day and we are now good to go. I've done lots of research this time around, to help ensure a good and healthy conception (and pregnancy). Let's hope it pays off, because I am so very ready for my baby.

Last week a friend of mine stated the obvious: "It's kinda hard to watch other people get pregnant and have babies when you're not." Uh, yeah, it kinda is. I have another friend, or two (or fifty), that are due either on or around my supposed due date, May 11th. That's less than a month away, people. If I were still pregnant I would be in that "it could happen any day now" stage. Crazy. But right now we're in the "wishin' and a hopin', thinkin' and a prayin'" stage. And then, then it's the "holding, and kissing, and squeezing, and loving" stage. Hopefully.

So yeah, we've been busy. *B


truly spoiled...

thanks to Joe!!!
So thanks. A lot! Seriously. *B


tugging at heartstrings

I am decidedly and irrevocably in love with crochet. I'm drooling over this and in serious need of this. I've been busting my fingers (and brain) as of late. And I'm having mixed feelings about knitting (and circular needles)... but my project is finally starting to show some progress-slash-promise! Better later/pretty than sooner/ugly, right? Let's hope so!

And thanks for the sneaky sweet emails. It was just one of those days, most likely because it's just one of those weeks [wink, wink]. I'm sure 70% of it was hormones ;)

Thanks to all the dear hearts out there that help mend my broken one. *B


giving up

I'm tired of being disappointed. I'm tired of being optimistic. I'm tired of being offended. I'm tired of being friendly. I'm tired of being replaceable. I'm tired of getting my feelings hurt. I'm tired of being the peacemaker. I'm tired of being reliable. I'm tired of being well-adjusted. I'm tired of having to prove myself. And I'm tired of being overlooked.

I'm just a human, who's been forgotten. Again. *B

{photo by Miss Robin}


i'm so not kidding

which is weird, because I'm a HUGE tease. But I'm just not feeling it today (of all days!!!). Oh well. However, I have this idea... the goal for the month: dine in, not out. I'm dead serious. So serious that I even made myself a button to remind me of my intentions. We need to save money. We need to be healthy.
How 'bout you? Anyone want to join me??? Feel free to grab the logo and then proudly display it, wherever it will be of service to you and your ambitions. We could be, like, a support group for each other, or something. No joke. *B