coloring cutie


outdoor playschool

After (public) school, we had an impromptu picnic at the park across from Brad's work.  Will continued his education by learning how to weave flowers ;)  Elsie played (princess) pirates, while Timmy threw and/or ate rocks...  Sometimes Mother Nature is the best teacher.  *B


flower fest

This past weekend we drove around looking at beautiful barns and fields of flowers.  I really do love it here!  *B


just smile

Pretty sure this picture was captured during one of many diaper changes.  Thank heavens for smart phones that distract busy hands!  And thank you, DesiTim, for your candid documentation ;)

Last week was one of those weeks.  You know, where the baby's bowels decide to revisit the newborn days, resulting in mountains of laundry.  Where it's sunny one day, and raining hailing the next.  Where everyone has a crazy case of cabin fever due to said crazy weather, but you can't leave the house in fear of said baby's bowels.  That, coupled with the fact that it also happened to be Spring Break, which alone necessitates some form of creative expression and/or forced enjoyment.  All this followed by a week where you volunteer to teach Scouts, and spend two days frantically coming up with something to educate/entertain eight 9 year old boys.  A week where you finally tackle aforementioned laundry, and attempt to restore some sort of "normal" routine, all whilst brain-storming about food storage and day-dreaming about your future home plan/site.

Good times!  *B





I love school performances!  They always make me teary eyed.  There's just something about seeing a group of kids, singing/dancing their little hearts out, that is so sweet.  It always reminds me of how proud our Father in Heaven must be of them, of us.  It is at times like these where I can feel of His love for all His children so strongly.  Hence, the teariness ;)

I've really enjoyed having Will in public school part-time.  He gets to participate in activities, enjoy some time with his friends, and spend some time away from me.  I might ruffle some attachment parents' feathers when I say that I believe it's important for children and mothers to have time away from each other.  I believe the time Will spends in school helps foster his sense of individual worth.  And school gives him the chance to practice what his parents preach.

It's a fine line, but I know that public school AND home school can both drain Will and energize him.  It's my job as his parent and ultimate teacher to figure out the appropriate amount of each.  And for now, this part-time schooling seems to be a good fit.  It's the best of both worlds!

Together, they can make such sweet music.  *B


Conference weekend

I loved Conference this year!  It seemed like all the talks were meant for me...  And we started some fun traditions this year: Conference boxes/cups and 72 hr. food kits.  The kids helped decorate their own boxes, and helped color the tags for the Conference cups.  I think having them involved in the process helped them to get ready for what could have been a long weekend...  And I really do think that the activities were engaging enough without being too distractive.  I plan on doing the same thing for each Conference, it worked so well!

Each box had the following:
  • folder full of Conference related coloring/activity pages - one page per talk rule
  • snacks - one per session rule
  • new coloring pencils
  • pencil sharpener
  • pencil case
  • clipboard
  • glue stick
  • silly putty

Brad and I decided on five words we wanted the kids to focus on for the afternoon sessions.  This year our words were: Atonement, repentance, baptism, reverence, and service.  I blew up some Conference squares, cut out the words we wanted to use, had the kids color them, and then used double-sided tape to stick them to clothespins to attach to the cups.  Each cup had a different treat inside, and you're allowed to eat a treat every time you hear a word.  During the morning sessions, we played Conference bingo with stickers - I didn't want them getting high on sugar in the early morn ;)

We also used this weekend as an opportunity to put together our 72 hr. food kits.  The plan is to rotate through them every Conference.  So come October, we'll use Conference weekend to restock our supply while snacking on the items from April's kits.  I'm really not the most organized person (ask my mom), but it does feel nice to get some things in order...  And I'm excited for next Conference!  *B


birthday boy



I can not believe my baby turns one tomorrow!  And I can not believe how much he melts my heart.  He could not have come at a better time; he was just what I needed.  It was by far my most difficult pregnancy, and he was by far my most difficult baby.  In all honesty, he came at one of the most difficult times in my life.  But I learned a lot through it all, and I know I'm stronger in part because of him.  He kept me going when all else seemed lost...  And nowadays he is a complete joy!  Once we figured out that he was basically starving and suffered from exhaustion, and once we addressed those needs appropriately, it was like a light switched on and he has not stopped shining since.  I can always count on him to make me smile and lift my spirits.  He has saved me since day one.  *B


backseat drivers


why we homeschool, part II

I have really enjoyed our afternoons lately.  Before, when Will was in public school full-time, I felt like the afternoon blended into the evening.  I'd wake the littles from their naps, rush to school and grab Will, then head home to finish homework and prep dinner.  It was stressful for me, and for the kids.  I felt like Will needed a decompressing period...  And there just wasn't enough time in the day for it.  As soon as Brad got home from work, we'd eat and get to spend a few moments together.  But bedtime always seemed to sneak up on us and I felt like Will still hadn't reconnected/recharged from school.  Nowadays our afternoons are much more peaceful, and we actually get to spend time together as a family.  Home has become not only a place of learning, but also a place of restoration.  *B  


new beginnings


It's been a rough week...  But, I am grateful for Spring and what it represents.  And I'm especially grateful for the Atonement that makes fresh starts possible, regardless the mess.  *B