Conference weekend

I loved Conference this year!  It seemed like all the talks were meant for me...  And we started some fun traditions this year: Conference boxes/cups and 72 hr. food kits.  The kids helped decorate their own boxes, and helped color the tags for the Conference cups.  I think having them involved in the process helped them to get ready for what could have been a long weekend...  And I really do think that the activities were engaging enough without being too distractive.  I plan on doing the same thing for each Conference, it worked so well!

Each box had the following:
  • folder full of Conference related coloring/activity pages - one page per talk rule
  • snacks - one per session rule
  • new coloring pencils
  • pencil sharpener
  • pencil case
  • clipboard
  • glue stick
  • silly putty

Brad and I decided on five words we wanted the kids to focus on for the afternoon sessions.  This year our words were: Atonement, repentance, baptism, reverence, and service.  I blew up some Conference squares, cut out the words we wanted to use, had the kids color them, and then used double-sided tape to stick them to clothespins to attach to the cups.  Each cup had a different treat inside, and you're allowed to eat a treat every time you hear a word.  During the morning sessions, we played Conference bingo with stickers - I didn't want them getting high on sugar in the early morn ;)

We also used this weekend as an opportunity to put together our 72 hr. food kits.  The plan is to rotate through them every Conference.  So come October, we'll use Conference weekend to restock our supply while snacking on the items from April's kits.  I'm really not the most organized person (ask my mom), but it does feel nice to get some things in order...  And I'm excited for next Conference!  *B


  1. You are amazing!

  2. These are some really great ideas!! I need to do better next time, rather than just expect my kids to sit and play happily the whole time... (which does not happen!)

  3. Wonderful ideas! You are so much more organized than I ever have been! Wish I had thought of some of these ideas when my kids were young!


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