just smile

Pretty sure this picture was captured during one of many diaper changes.  Thank heavens for smart phones that distract busy hands!  And thank you, DesiTim, for your candid documentation ;)

Last week was one of those weeks.  You know, where the baby's bowels decide to revisit the newborn days, resulting in mountains of laundry.  Where it's sunny one day, and raining hailing the next.  Where everyone has a crazy case of cabin fever due to said crazy weather, but you can't leave the house in fear of said baby's bowels.  That, coupled with the fact that it also happened to be Spring Break, which alone necessitates some form of creative expression and/or forced enjoyment.  All this followed by a week where you volunteer to teach Scouts, and spend two days frantically coming up with something to educate/entertain eight 9 year old boys.  A week where you finally tackle aforementioned laundry, and attempt to restore some sort of "normal" routine, all whilst brain-storming about food storage and day-dreaming about your future home plan/site.

Good times!  *B


  1. At least he caught you smiling! And you survived--in mostly good spirits. Congratulations!

  2. And what a beautiful smile you have!


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