not-so-lazy days

These past two weeks have been anything but lazy!  Meaning, these past two weeks have been insanely busy.  And this week is no walk in the park either.  But, I think hope life will start to slow down soon.  Because Fall is coming.  Can you feel it???  Not only am I excited for cooler weather, but I'm also excited for the peaceful pace Autumn will bring. [sigh]

The only lazy thing lazying about these days is me.  In that I'm too lazy to take real photos, let alone edit the crappy ones I do take.  Remember when I use to digi scrap?!  Pfft, that was soooo long ago.  Now all you get are fast iPhone photos.  [cheers]

Anyway, so it's been crazy here.  School is in full swing.  We've had our first incident at school.. that I'd rather not dwell on... moving on!  We've celebrated three significant birthdays within five days of each other.  Monk turned FIVE, the hub turned THIRTY, and my baby brother turned 19 and is now an ELDER!  [sniff, sniff]

Yeah, I'm definitely ready for the slower season.  *B


update on the educate

We have survived our first week of school!  We also celebrated a busy boy turning five.  I feel old.  *B


body flow


I just got back from the gym where they teach this yoga/pilates/tai chi class.  Pure awesomeness!  My muscles felt worked, yet relaxed.  I felt like one with my body and with the universe!  Amazing.  In love.

Also, I mastered the brownie muffin :)  It's nutritious and delicious!!!  Managed to process 2 (out of 43) loads of laundry, too.  Lots of goodness today.  Perfect start to what's sure to be a great week.  And they say Mondays are bad?  Pffft.  Not this Monday!

Oh wait, I have to be at work in 24 minutes.  To the shower!  *B


swoon fest

This won't mean much to anyone else but lil ol' me.  But in case you are crazy interested, the following is a LONG list (in no particular order) of schtuff that makes my heart go pitter-pat.  Who knows, we might have similar tastes...

  • Arizona sunsets
  • Cath Kidston
  • Waverly 
  • floral prints
  • gingham
  • red barns
  • red anything 
  • antique boutiques
  • plates on the wall
  • beadboard (duh)
  • polka dots, the red/white variety (double duh)
  • black & white photos of hands/feet (long before it was dubbed cool -- take that fadistics!)
  • wire baskets
  • bird houses
  • bird cages
  • rustic wreaths
  • blue & white china
  • wood floors
  • quilts
  • hexagon afghans
  • vintage caravans 
  • retro and/or vintage ads & pin-ups
  • British telephone booths
  • book stacks
  • mason jars
  • tulle
  • toile
  • embroidery
  • typewriters
  • The Black Apple
  • Anthropologie 
  • gumball machines (vintage, duh again)
  • retro gas pumps
  • distressed edges
  • peeling paint
  • milk bottles
  • lanterns
  • cake stands
  • Moda
  • Pottery Barn 
  • crystal knobs
  • copper pots, pans, colanders (anything really)
  • craftsman homes
  • cottages & bungalows
  • Victorian houses
  • brick houses
  • red doors
  • wrap around porches
  • white picket fences
  • climbing ivy
  • gardens of any kind
  • rolling hills & valleys
  • the following children books (turned into television shows): Little Bear and Angelina Ballerina.  So sweet!  J'adore much.
Basically, I'm a retro/vintage, shabby chic, French country, beach cottage fanatic!  I'm also a grown woman who likes to read children books and watch cartoons before bedtime...  And when it is time for me to sleep, I lay there dreaming about the things that make me smile.  I may even breath a wishful sigh, before sweet sleep sweeps me off my feet.  Also, I enjoy alliterating from time to time.  *B


not ready yet

How does one prepare one's offspring for school?  And when I say "one" I mean me... and by offspring I mean Will, an intense (almost) five year old boy, who likes needs to stay busy and keep his hands active.  He is a good, sweet boy.  And he sure is smart!  But, I was THIS close to not putting him in school at all.  I mean, he's a five year old boy (which says it all).  But then I remembered the charter school across the street: smaller class sizes + emphasis on performing arts = potential.  I'd been praying about what to do, about what was best for him.  I was THIS close to keeping him home.  He's had a difficult time in Primary, how can he handle school?!  Let's be honest, he's had a difficult time even being at home...

I felt prompted and comforted about this school.  I signed him up.  Maybe it'll work?  Maybe he'll be ok?  Last night was orientation.  We met his teacher and got a feel for his room.  Only 12 students.  I think he'll like it here?  I think he'll like his teacher?  Talked with her about our concerns.  She says, "when in doubt, keep them out."

What to do?!  Got the uniforms back from the embroiderer, just waiting to be washed and worn.  Got a backpack.  An orange one ;)  Got some school supplies.  Need to get the rest.  What do I make for lunch?  How should I fix his hair?  Can he handle being gone for seven hours?  What will his sister think/do with him gone all day?  What am I going to do while he's gone?  Is he going to sit and listen?  Will he play nice?  What if he gets hungry/tired/hurt?  Will he cry? Will he miss home?  Will he miss me?

School starts next week.  Is he really ready?  Because I'm not.  *B


change of plans

 Turns out I no longer have a school to study for... so, goal number six will get a little makeover.  Also, I think I'm going to start counting my points next week.  But, so far these past few days are turning out to be good practice.  So, who's with me???  Seriously, I would LOVE to set up a group or something.  Any ideas on how it should run, if/when we should meet, etc.?  Feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

Also, I'm really enjoying reacquainting myself with my blog here, and over there.  And I've come to realize that making and keeping meal plans shouldn't just be a short-term personal goal; it definitely deserves a long-term goal status!  So if you're into meal plans, healthy tips/tricks and yummy recipes, then by all means, head on over!  And then click follow, so I can feel cool.  I want to share the knowledge I've gained with as many people as possible.  Who doesn't want to feel better about themselves, inside AND out?!  Yay for good food!  And yay for setting goals!  Boo for schools that close without a warning and leave a wannabe nutrition consultant in the dust.  *B



Uh, wow.  Who knew posting so many (cute) pictures of your kids/family would make you so popular?  ;)  I'll have to do that more often... Anyway, so I've been thinking about goal setting for a while now.  I even thought, "wouldn't it be cool if there were some sort of point system?"  Lo and behold, my newfound friend posted about a challenge she's participating in.   Yesss!  And I am completely unashamed in admitting that I am totally copying her idea, with some slight modifications.  Basically, there are four areas where I personally want to see some growth: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  There are ten points possible in a day, and each area gets at least one dedicated point.  There's also the option of 10 free points to use throughout the week, or a free day.  Also, each week the Personal Goal changes.  Here's what I've come up with:
  1. 64 oz. of water
  2. 30-45 minutes of physical activity
  3. one blog post (on either site)
  4. no eating out
  5. no refined sugar
  6. 1 hr. schoolwork (not necessarily consecutive)
  7. 15 min. of scripture reading (5 min w/ every meal)
  8. get to bed before 11 pm
  9. Express sincere appreciation, love or praise to my children
  10. Personal Goal: make and keep meal plan
So yeah, I'm excited :)  I love setting goals, making plans, creating lists, etc.  I'm just not the best at follow-through... anybody interested in joining me?  I need to be held accountable to someone other than myself.  And there could be prizes!  Maybe?  So far I'm blackmailing my mother and husband into accepting the challenge.  Next week's potential Personal Goal: accepting the free will of others.  *B