body flow


I just got back from the gym where they teach this yoga/pilates/tai chi class.  Pure awesomeness!  My muscles felt worked, yet relaxed.  I felt like one with my body and with the universe!  Amazing.  In love.

Also, I mastered the brownie muffin :)  It's nutritious and delicious!!!  Managed to process 2 (out of 43) loads of laundry, too.  Lots of goodness today.  Perfect start to what's sure to be a great week.  And they say Mondays are bad?  Pffft.  Not this Monday!

Oh wait, I have to be at work in 24 minutes.  To the shower!  *B


  1. Love gym classes- they keep me going when i feel like quitting.

  2. Sounds like my kind of workout!

  3. don't you dare be offended. but somehow you weren't on my google reader list and i haven't looked at your blog in FOREVER! not until you left a comment and i said, "oh beth!!!" but i wanted to tell you how darling your kids are! they are seriously so cute! so i added both your blogs to my reader. we'll be looking at you from now on!

  4. It's the best isn't it?! Call me next time you go, I'd love to join you. O and the family pics are too cute!


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