thankful much

Just because the holiday of thanks is over, doesn't mean I can't still be grateful!  I love my life, my family, my home, my friends, my body (health/talents), my faith and my God.  He has blessed me beyond my comprehension.  I may not say it enough, but I will never tire of thanking Him.  So thanks, dear Lord, times infinity.  *B 


super sloth

While Halloween may be my favorite holiday, November is certainly my favorite month.  I am thoroughly enjoying its slower pace.  And I refuse to put up ANY Christmas decoration until AFTER Thanksgiving.  Instead of using this lovely month to rush from one busy holiday to another, I am spending it lazily.  Unfortunately, it's almost over.  And I can feel the anxiety creeping in.  But hopefully I can put off the holiday hullabaloo for just a couple more days.  Because I'm looking forward to my food induced coma, and my cozy couch will miss me soon enough...  *B


one year older

And closer to thirty!  Sheesh.  But it was a lovely day today :)  Complete with an awesome birthday dinner, made by the husband himself!  And what's even better is that everyone sat at the table and ate.  No whining, no complaining, just eating.  And we all finished at the same time!  That NEVER happens.  Best birthday present ever.  My painted kitchen (soon to be bedecked in beadboard!) holds a close second, though.

It's been a good year... But I have a feeling this year will be even better!  Here's to 27.  *B


head in the clouds

Everyone who reads this wee blog is well aware that I'm a daydreamer, right?  Because I am.  I just want to make that clear.  We all know I dream about houses.  So much so that it annoys everyone but me.  It might seem mildly endearing at first, but before long you'll tune me out.  My husband does.  And I don't blame him.  I do the same thing when he starts rambling about politics...

Other than my dream home, I also fantasize about my dream job.  Besides being a mom, of course ;)  In high-school, I dreamed of becoming an author.  Until some nasty English teacher, whose name I don't even remember, dashed those dreams to pieces.  In college, I dreamed of owning a little health-food store.  Just like the one in Rexburg.  I still dream about that...  I'd even love to work the cashiers in large health-food stores, like Sprouts or Whole Foods.  I'd love to be the on-call nutrition consultant at those stores, too.  Shoot, I'd get a hoot out of handing out samples at Trader Joe's.

But if I were rich, and didn't actually need a job, I would write about (holistic) nutrition.  That, my friends, is my dream job.  A combination of all of my dreams wrapped into one.  And guess what?  A few days ago, it came true!  Well, kind of... I don't get paid, but I could care less.  And it's not for a magazine, but it's a start.  A dang good start!  And I am so stinkin' excited :)  I am the new Cooking Naturally Editor for the Natural Parents Network!!! 

Not many people know how granola I really am...  I don't go around talking about my crunchy beliefs or ideals.  Let me just say that I have a lot in common with the ladies behind NPN, and I am thrilled to be a part of their team!  And I get to write about food :)  It's perfect for me.  Because, I love food (I blame the Italian in me).  But more importantly, I love good food.  Food that tastes good and is good for you.  Not just food that will help you lose/maintain weight.  Food that fuels your body, mind and spirit.  And that's what I write about!  And that's what has me on cloud nine.  *B