super sloth

While Halloween may be my favorite holiday, November is certainly my favorite month.  I am thoroughly enjoying its slower pace.  And I refuse to put up ANY Christmas decoration until AFTER Thanksgiving.  Instead of using this lovely month to rush from one busy holiday to another, I am spending it lazily.  Unfortunately, it's almost over.  And I can feel the anxiety creeping in.  But hopefully I can put off the holiday hullabaloo for just a couple more days.  Because I'm looking forward to my food induced coma, and my cozy couch will miss me soon enough...  *B


  1. ug! November has probably been by busiest month this year. I've frequently wondered why everything is hitting me at once and hoping it doesn't continue into December. Lucky you. I'm envying your November. I want to be lazy.

  2. I agree, Thanksgiving should be able to have "it's day" before the Christmas decorations come up! :)

  3. Hey! I have no card from your madre!!! Tell her to send one ASAP! I want to see it {okay & post it!} If not, I will grab it from my mom's. hehe.

    merry christmas!! Your favorite!


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