one of those days

My husband's making breakfast. Before school. Yes, he's wonderful like that. And this is what he says: "I'm putting peppers in for a little flavor infusion." I love him. And his mad breakfast making skills. Also, Monk decided to go to the bathroom both ways (if you know what I mean) this morning!

It's shaping up to be a good day today. *B


the beginning of the end of my tag procrastination

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was in 9th grade, hating every minute of it. Junior/High School was lame/a joke. I was ready for college.

5 things on my "to-do" list today...
  1. laundry
  2. clean bathroom
  3. knit my fingers off
  4. make yet another baby shower gift
  5. make bed
...in that order

6 Snacks that I enjoy…
  1. My own mix of walnuts, raisins/craisins and dark chocolate chips
  2. Trader Joe's chewy nutty chocolate bars
  3. does water count?
  4. uh, I don't really snack because I don't keep snacks on hand, so that I won't snack!
  5. see #4
  6. see #5
3 Bad habits...
  1. staying up late
  2. showing up late to almost everything
  3. picking my nose (oh come on, who doesn't?!)
5 Places I've lived…
  1. Mesa, AZ
  2. Rexburg, ID
  3. Kent, WA
  4. Monte Nido, CA
  5. Calabasas, CA
5 Jobs I've had…
  1. babysitting
  2. all sorts of stuff for my dad
  3. receptionist
  4. Sensaria rep
  5. tending (because, you know, it's different than babysitting)
5 Things people don't know about me...
  1. I hate talking on the phone, unless you're my mom, my brother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law (Ellen), Laci, Janelle or Tamara
  2. I used to play the trumpet and I was pretty good, too.
  3. I'm not and never was a Mitt fan. Please, no hate mail.
  4. I really hate oatmeal. It gets the gag reflex going just thinking about it.
  5. I'm a big, fat, HUGE, closet nerd (and I'm not talking shelving units).
One tag down, 50 million to go. *B


just a little FMI (for my information)

Somewhat related to my last post -which was surprisingly popular, despite its length- I took my first final today and got a hundred percent!!! Woot woot! And it was probably the most boring course I'll have: Issues of a Consulting Practice. To tell you the truth, I've been enrolled for an entire year now and I've been procrastinating the entire time. It was taking me forever to get through this text. Don't get me wrong, it was informative and all, but after a while it started sounding the same and it just became a chore. Well finally, a couple of days ago I had decided that I had had enough of my ridiculousness and that it really was time for me to take my degree seriously. So I looked into what was actually required of me in this course, and all I had to do was a final! No projects, no essays, nothing but a 20 question open-book-if-you'd-like final exam! After whacking myself in the head a few times, I sat down and took the test in less than four minutes. Such a "Duh Beth!" moment.

Anyway, so now that that's done and out of the way, I went ahead and ordered my texts for my next course, Cancer: Prevention & Politics. I'm not terribly excited for it, just because I don't like reading up on legal schmegal issues (like with the class before) or politics. It's just daunting, as necessary as it is. Good thing I'm not the one being fitted as a lawyer! Thanks honey.

But I am really looking forward to the rest of my classes:
  • Fundamentals of Nutrition
  • Nutrition and Disease Prevention
  • Nutritional Therapies
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Enzymatic Nutritional Therapies
  • Nutrition for Women
  • Holistic Human Development I
  • Holistic Human Development II
  • Antioxidants
  • Weight Management
  • Plus 2-4 electives, depending on whether or not I want to write a thesis (yuck).
Nice thing is I was able to transfer my previous Biology and Chemistry credits. I probably could have had the Anat. & Phys. waved, too, but I'm really interested to (re)learn about the human body from a more holistic approach. Seriously, this stuff thrills me and I'm off to a good start (finally)!

So yeah. Go me! *B
ETA: I just noticed how much I used the word "really" in this post. Hmm, what does that mean?


on being crafty

I just updated my Mess about being crafty and I thought I might as well post this bit here, too.
Beware: it's a doozy!

Nutrition really is my passion. I may have several hobbies and many projects that bring me joy, but there is nothing that thrills me more than being healthy. I really do feel like it's my calling in life. I may not be a certified nutritionist yet, but I'm working on it! Now I am definitely NOT the epitome of health. It's certainly easier said than done. But I'm working on it! However, I get a lot of questions from family and friends on how to eat healthier. So here's a list of my favorite substitutions, tricks and tips:
  • There's a lot that worry that changing your eating habits is too expensive. While this is true in part if you're used to eating Mac & Cheese or Top Ramen, for the most part the increase in price is trivial. I think most people assume that eating healthy means you have to buy everything organic or farm raised. While that may be ideal, for many of us (myself included), it's not realistic. Being healthy means eating consciously. Be aware of what you're putting in your mouth. Read the ingredients. Buy produce in season and get yourself a good fruit and vegetable wash to rid yourself of any harmful pesticides, waxes, toxins, etc. Never cook produce in the microwave if at all possible because it zaps all those good nutrients and you're left with nothing but roughage. The fresher, the better. You can also save money by buying frozen fruits/veggies. They were picked while in their prime and are ready to eat. Canned food can also be good (although fresh/frozen is preferred). Be careful though of super high amounts of sugar/salt. Look for canned fruit that sit in their juices rather than syrup. You can also drain and rinse your canned foods before using them.
  • Read the nutrition labels. Ingredients to watch out for: Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), High Fructose Corn Syrup (or any corn syrup for that matter) and hydrogenated oils. Also be aware of the order of ingredients. Anything that has sugar or salt within the first three ingredients should be a warning sign. And of course you should take into account the sodium, sugar and fat content. Trans fats are evil. Saturated fats are not so great. Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats are preferable.
  • Buy food as close to its natural source. For example, pure Maple syrup is much better than butter flavored syrup. Just read the ingredients (do I sound like a broken record yet?) and if you can't pronounce an ingredient, then don't eat it.
  • In regards to salads and dressings; beware of fat-free dressings. Like most fat-free items, they make up for the decrease of fat by increasing the flavor, aka. sugar. You'd be better off buying the full fat version and limiting the amount you use. Try mixing your creamier salad dressings, like Ranch, with plain yogurt (up to equal amounts). And always ask for the dressing on the side so you can determine how much to use. I like to dip my fork in it and then stab at my greens. Yes, I'm one of those people.
  • If you simply can't eat raw veggies without a dip, then try hummus. But don't overdo it either. Hummus may be good for you but it's still high in fat. Good fat is good, but not a lot of it. It's still fat.
  • If you're making breads or muffins, try substituting applesauce for oil, equal parts. No joke.
  • Try substituting plain nonfat yogurt for sour cream. Lowfat cottage cheese is also a good choice. Both are high in protein and low in fat.
  • I've had great success in substituting rice milk for cow's milk in many recipes. We're not huge milk fans here...
  • Soymilk can be good, but not too much of it. It's overproduced and I tend to question the quality of the soybeans they're using. Soy also has a tendency to have hormone-like effects on the body if used in large amounts.
  • Ground turkey vs. ground beef. I actually mix the two because my husband prefers the taste of ground beef. So I buy the huge packs of ground meat at Costco and cook it all up that night with some chopped onions and salt/pepper. I then put 1 c. of each mixture into a baggie and pop it into the freezer to save for a later date.
  • Mix whole wheat with white. That goes for pasta, flour, or rice (brown with white). It makes it more palatable for the hub, etc. ;) Be aware though that the cooking time varies for different versions of grain.
  • I cook my rice in broth. It adds more flavor and I end up doing without added butter.
  • When something calls for a lot of butter, I use half the amount it calls for and substitute the rest with olive oil. That way you're balancing fats and taste. And just a little FYI: olive oil does NOT do well at high temperature. So use peanut or coconut oil if you're going to do any kind of frying, etc.
  • While you're sauteeing your veggies, you'll find yourself wondering where all the oil went. Don't add more! Simply add a little water or broth (or don't even use oil at all).
  • Mix your sugar coated cereal with its plain counterpart. For example, Honey-Nut Cheerios with plain Cheerios, or Frosted Flakes with plain Corn Flakes, etc. You can also add a spoonful of plain yogurt to your bowl (or vanilla yogurt to just plain cereal). Same thing goes for those instant oatmeal packages (I personally HATE oatmeal and can only manage to choke it down in this manner). I also add plain yogurt, slivered almonds, and no-sugar applesauce to my oats. It helps :)
  • If you're worried about the sugar content of jams, just chop up your own berries and make a spread; add some honey to taste. Or look for spreads made with juice concentrate rather than gobs of sugar or syrup.
  • Don't just balance your meals, balance your entire food intake for the day. If you happen to have cereal for breakfast, then don't have a sandwich for lunch; have a salad with some chicken. Or if you have eggs for breakfast, then go ahead and have a sandwich for lunch. Snacks throughout the day should be nuts, fruit, vegetables, etc. that may be missing from your meals.
  • Drink lots of water. Limit your intake of juice --unless it's crafty! And if you are really serious about losing weight, clearing up your skin, having more energy and being generally more healthy, then STOP DRINKING POP! I don't care if it's Diet or not (although that tends to be worse in my book, but I won't expound on any of my personal conspiracy theories right now...). It's a bunch of empty (and nasty) calories that your body DOES NOT NEED. So stop it. Just stop.
  • More on water and liquids. Limit your intake during meals. It tends to water down your gastric juices and you won't be able to digest your food as well. So eat first, sip a bit during, and then drink some after you've finished and let it sit for a while. Don't fill up on liquid. Fill up on food.
  • Limit your salt intake by using garlic/onion powder & herb blends. A little salt is good, like unprocessed sea salt. It helps stimulate the kidneys and detoxify poisons. But a lot is not so good, especially refined salt which contains anti-caking chemicals, potassium iodide and sugar to stabilize the iodine. You'll retain water and find yourself at risk for high blood pressure. So be careful.
  • While nuts are a good source of protein and fat, most are rancid, and eating a rancid nut is worse than not eating a nut at all. If you can, buy your nuts with their shells still on. And always refrigerate them to keep them longer. This brings me to peanut butter. If you choose to buy natural peanut butter (I'm referring to peanut butter that is made with just peanuts and a little salt and has NOT been hydrogenated), you HAVE to keep it in the fridge. Also, limit your intake of peanuts in general. Peanuts tend to be quite toxic due to the chemicals, fertilizers and the carcinogenic fungus aflatoxin. Eat them sparingly.
  • What does sparingly even mean? My good rule of thumb: if you feel like you need it, then eat it. This goes for peanut butter, hamburgers, chocolate, etc. Sometimes you need that iron your body is craving... but moderation is key. And don't eat till you feel sick. Eat until you're satisfied then box everything else up as leftovers.
  • If you NEED chocolate every day, then by all means, eat it every day! But don't overdo it. A few chocolate chips or one piece of candy should suffice. Also, choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate. It'll satisfy your craving more and it's richer in antioxidants. No joke.
  • Enjoy eating. Chew slowly. Take the time to appreciate the flavors and let your salivary fluids do their job (which, combined with mastication, would be the beginning steps of digestion). And if you cave in to a craving, then enjoy it and move on! We tend to be very emotionally tied to food which does effect our bodies, for good and bad. Psychology and physiology are closely related... so eat well and be happy!
And after all is said and done, bless your food. We can try our best to pick the best foods, prepare them the best we can, etc. But we're not perfect and the food industry certainly isn't. So pray. It is my personal opinion and testimony that the Atonement of our Lord and Savior goes beyond saving us from our sins. It is a filler. After doing all that we can do, He comes in and does the rest. So pray for your food. And pray to be healthy.

Working out, on the otherhand, is a completely different story... *B
Thanks to Paul Pitchford’s Healing With Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition for the knowledge and inspiration that led me to writing this today. Many of his teachings and/or words are sprinkled throughout this post.


feeling crappy?

Just a little FYI: the term "crap" comes from an accidental jumble of the words "craft" and "scrap"

Ok, so here's what I've been working on for the shop. Crappy Kits: {B}uild A Block! Each kit comes with a prepped 2.5" wood block (sanded, filled, primed and otherwise good to go), six matching papers (also prepped) AND a custom made transfer! That last bit is my favorite part! So you can pick which letter(s), number(s) and/or word(s) you want, depending on the kind of block you plan on making. There will be three different fonts to pick from for the letter(s)/number(s). While you may choose what word(s) you would like to have made, the font stays the same (it's used in the fonts' names, underneath the letters). NOTE: paper plate, sand paper, ModPodge and foam brush are not included... So, what do you think? But wait; I am in need of some serious help with kit names! Hence, another contest! Tell me which kit is your favorite and what you would name it if it were up to you. The winner will be chosen randomly and will be awarded their kit of preference AND their submitted name will be forever branded on the respective kit for when it hits the shop! Fun stuff, eh? :)

Speaking of contests, the last one isn't over yet! We haven't finished the unsaid project, so I will not pick a winner today/tonight as I had originally planned. But give us a few days and it will be done AND I will have ANOTHER upcoming shop goodie to bestow upon that lucky (and random) winner! Yes, there are some seriously exciting changes in store for the store! So stay tuned and fling some crap-names my way!!! *B

PS- I forgot to mention that this page here, along with the above announcement is done using Allie Hoopes' custom made fonts. Only five bucks!!! Check it out. I have yet to do my messy handwriting, but I'm dancing in my pants with excitement over the possibility of it being done! Oh, and the doodle is an old W&W freebie.

what i did

All weekend I worked on my knitting skills (sorry mom!). Got myself a[nother] book (thanks mom!!!) and I busted my butt in the car on some stitches. Actually, it's more like busted my eyeballs and hands! And this is all I have to show for it. I guess you could call it a sample scarf. You may notice the different types of stitches, so it's definitely not uniform. I knit(ted) a few rows in one type of stitch and then I start(ed) another set of stitches. It's been fun. Kind of :)

And here's my questionnaire for my swap buddies:

1) What is your favorite yarn? Favorite colors? What is your least favorite?
Don't know yet! But I think I don't like cotton; acrylic is ok. It's soft. But I don't like this 3-plye I'm working with, especially when it starts to separate!; and I'm not a huge fan of eyelash novelty yarn. Too tricky. And I'm sure my favorite yarn would be cashmere, HA! Also, my favorite colors are bright, cheery, hip and funky. Um, think Anthro (my inspiration in all of this!).

2) Knit, crochet, both?
Uh, both? I like both, I guess (although I'm more partial to the look of crochet). I've done both...

3) How long have you been knitting/crocheting? Who taught you? Why did you want to learn?
I learned how to knit/crochet YEARS AGO. Maybe when I was 12. And it is NOT like riding a bike. So I just barely picked it back up and am teaching myself --Continental style. I think I would prefer crocheting over knitting. But for now I'm teaching myself how to knit. I'll work on Granny Squares later... I want to make this afghan in the worst way! I love that movie. It's like someone hit the saturation button AND I would totally decorate my house in that manner, colors and all!

4) What is your favorite snack/sweet?
Hmmm, déjà vu?. Marinated artichoke hearts! And chocolate. Dark chocolate. And chips are a HUGE weakness. Bad chips. But I don't have a huge sweet tooth...

5) What did you want to be when you grew up?
A doctor.

6) What names would you NEVER consider for a baby?
Dick for a boy and Bertha for a girl.

7) What things did you, as a child, vow to never to do your children, but have since decided that you will?
I swore my kids would never eat hot dogs (we now have them once a week), would never watch Barney (Monk's seen it a total of two times), and would never wear velcro shoes (which are THE best invention since sliced bread). I also swore that my kids would never have a runny nose. And for the most part, they don't and won't. It totally grosses me out and makes me gag. So I'm sticking to my guns on that one!

8) What is your favorite thing about being a parent/expectant parent?
When I was pregnant I loved feeling the baby move. Elbow drags and somersaults are THE coolest! And now that I'm a parent I love always having a little buddy around. Will's hugs and kisses are the best in the world. His laughter is my most favorite sound. Ever. His smile melts my heart (so much like his father) and he is the master of teasing (wonder where he gets that from?! ;) I just love being with him. And on that note, I'm off to spend some quality time with my boy!

I'll be back later today with some other fun schtuff. *B


it's official

We are no longer dual tenants!!! Brad sealed the deal with our last and final tenant to take our contract off our hands. No more land-lady! No more double rent (which would make it more than 3k a month my friends. Yeah.)!! This is officially the best Valentine's present we could have asked or hoped for. We can now enjoy our day, trip, weekend, and the rest of our lives!

Oh happy (V)day.*B

what am i doing?

Messing around... shirking my duties (like making my bed). But more importantly, I'm getting ready for my husband because it's Valentine's Day! The one day (ok, besides maybe his birthday) where I feel like making an effort to look cute (regardless our impending seven hour car trip). So here's to you babe! I love you.
[attempt kissy face]

Kisses for everyone!

Now I'm really getting off. *B

from our family to yours


I have sooooo much to do before we leave today.
So I'm off! Hugs, kisses, and all that jazz.
love, b
page credits? they're here


news, part 2

I unintentionally gave my right armpit a razor burn this morning. It hurt.
Monk discovered a taste for toilet water. He liked it. I'm still freaking out.
I think I forgot to brush his teeth, after all that...

And I updated the shop(s). *B


i have news

good news: laundry is done (almost. But does it ever really end?!)
bad news: didn't get the mail out... maybe tomorrow?
worse news: our fish of 3 weeks died, and by doing so freaked me out. He didn't eat his food... His name was Sheldon (bonus points to anyone who knows his namesake!)
in other news: keep guessing!

So, what's new with you? *B


guess that project! and other such randomness

Thanks for all the well wishes! You all are a load of sweethearts, you know that? I'm still worried I won't sell a darn, but I'm glad I've got your sweet comments to fall back on :) So I'm doing a little better... slowly but surely projects are being whittled down. I finished up all of my cards last night and I'll be sending them out tomorrow. But I have a few more to work on.

First off, I am indeed involved in the "Baby-a-Baby" swap and am looking forward to some car time to get some newbie knitting in. But before all that, I need to post some seven weird things about me
(as though I haven't embarrassed myself enough on this site!), so my spoil/spoilee and fellow swappers can get to know me better. The real me. Unedited and uncut! Booyah and here goes (deep breath):

1. Do any of you remember doing that science project about earlobe types? Yeah? Well one of my lobes is free (dominant) and the other is attached (recessive). I worried about it for a brief blip in my lifetime and refused to wear my hair up. But as you can see it doesn't bother me so much and most likely than not my hair is indeed up. Always (almost).
2. I have whiskers that require plucking every once in a while. No joke.
3. I HATE artificial sweeteners. I have a personal belief that they cause type 2 diabetes and cancer. But more than that, the aftertaste is sickening. Gross. Hate it. And therefore any sugar-free candy and any liquid labeled Diet is N.A.S.T.Y. (sorry to all you die-hard Diet Coke fans out there. We can still be friends, right?)
4. I HATE pop, soda, whatever you call it. Disgusting. Hate it. Except for the occasional Dr. Pepper...
5. I could happily live as a vegetarian. Except for the occasional slice of bacon. Not out of principal but out of preference. Meat is yucky and veggies are yummy. Except for bacon (the crispy kind).
6. Marinated artichoke hearts is one of my all-time favorite treats. Marinated mushrooms are also my very favorite. Speaking of treats, and food in general, I can eat whatever I want. What I mean by that I suppose is that I'm pretty lucky in that I don't crave sweets. I typically crave relatively healthy and/or salty foods. And chocolate. Hence my preferred "treats" tend to not be treats at all. Except for chocolate.
7. I wish I was a surf bum (and had a surfer's bum!) and I love the movie Blue Crush (awesome footage man). While I was still up at college in Rexburg I was looking into school all along the coast and Hawaii. I wanted to transfer away from the snow and closer to the waves. And then Brad came along from Seattle, we got married, finished up school in the snow and headed out here to the school of the waves. Who knows, maybe I'll catch a half-piper yet!

Whew, I'm glad that's over! Haha, just kidding, tags are fun. And I have lots more that I need to participate in, but that's for another day...

Second item of bloggity business: we have what was supposed to be a little family project going on. It's taking a lot longer than we thought, and a lot more money than we initially hoped for, but in the end I think it'll all be worth it. And I'm not talking about hanging up pictures on the walls and unpacking those last boxes. That [moving in] is another project that NEEDS to be finished. And laundry. Oh well. Anyway, I wanted to try a fun little guessing game with anyone who is interested. Give me your best guess (doesn't have to be an educated one) as to what we have been busy doing based on this here picture. And if you know what it is, don't ruin the fun; your entry should be even more convoluted!

We're leaving on Thursday for the A.Z., so I'll announce the winner on Monday. Or someday --I'm a total procrastinator, in case you haven't noticed. Bad Beth! Bad.


the many faces of love

For example, I'm in love with my toddler, but I miss my baby's hair... sniff, sniff. Ok, maybe that's not an example, in the strict sense of the word. Ok, not even in a loose definition of example did I portray a proper example. I realize that. But look at that face! Love it.

I feel like all I talk about around here is love. But I guess that's not so bad. I could talk about worse things. Like politics... but here's some happy news (I've been meaning to talk about for for.ev.er): I'm now selling at DragonFlaire Studios!!! Yes, I will still be keeping up with my etsy shop --I'll actually be adding some SUPER fun things to it AND they're not just digi (hint, you're going to LOVE it Clarissa ;) Speaking of which, check it out because I have an honorary special going on right now.

And here is one of my "little" projects that's been keeping me so busy (and for so long, sheesh!). Tadah!!! My very first official digital scrapbooking kit(s)! And just in time for Vday. Barely. Introducing the Crush(ed) paper pack and the HeartBroken: bits & pieces element pack (with mix & match ALPHA!). You know, it's always hard to find something to scrap up a boy page with. Especially when everything out there is so lovey dovey right now. And while I love my son with all my heart, I don't want to bedeck his pictures in froo-froo mushy-gushy-goo-goo stuff. So I opted for a red, black and pink colored theme (to appease both genders) with a little twist on love (aka. the dark side).

So what do you all think? Please, love it. Leave me some love. I'm in desperate need of it. I am so, SO nervous about actually putting this stuff out there. What if they (the consumers) don't like me? What if they give me scathing reviews?? What if I don't sell a single thing??? And if you're interested in a little freebie festivity, mozy on over and grab my Free{B}ie: Vday Quick Page! Just a little somethin' somethin' to help mend that broken heart of yours. Click here if your heart so desires.

And now I'm off to partake in more projects! Huzzah (a tired one)! *B


it's a good thing...

...I love reading... Because frankly, I'm over-booked!
[feel free to laugh at my intended pun, starting... now]

{photo by Ames2880}

And I don't know why I'm always doing this to myself. I suppose I'm a glutton for punishment. Or something. I have lots of projects yelling at me. And I'm pretty sure I've gone deaf...

One of them is screaming at me from the top of its lungs: the swap! So listen up all you love-spreaders! By now you should all have your partners' information. I'm pretty sure I didn't leave anyone out. But I could be wrong... let me know if you haven't heard from me! Anyway, now is the time to get to know each other! I tried really hard to pair people up that I thought had a lot in common or could benefit from each other. After all, that's what friendship is all about!

Now, a note about the card-making. I'm not a mathematician. Sorry to disappoint. While you'll be sure to receive a total of three valentines, you only have to make two (no worries, you will get three cards in the mail, just in time for V-day!). Here's how it's going to work: you make two cards and send them to your partners. If you've already made a third valentine, I have a suggestion to make. You can either give it to a total stranger at the store, church, movies, park, etc. OR you could send it to a long lost friend, a lonely relative, a secretive crush, whatever.

The saying "spread the love" is so much more than cheesy; it's sincere. And whether you're in the swap or not, I think we can all afford to love everyone just a bit more. So make someone feel better today, and the next day, and the next. [and in an effort to be an even bigger cheese-head...] Together, we can make the world a better place.

It's so true. Love's a very good thing. *B


tis the season

Red, white and pink.
We'll all be getting an eyeful of it this month.
But count yourselves lucky you don't have eyes full of pink, et al.

I'm working on swap partners today, regardless my sore and swollen eyes.
Yup. That's how much I love you. *B