it's a good thing...

...I love reading... Because frankly, I'm over-booked!
[feel free to laugh at my intended pun, starting... now]

{photo by Ames2880}

And I don't know why I'm always doing this to myself. I suppose I'm a glutton for punishment. Or something. I have lots of projects yelling at me. And I'm pretty sure I've gone deaf...

One of them is screaming at me from the top of its lungs: the swap! So listen up all you love-spreaders! By now you should all have your partners' information. I'm pretty sure I didn't leave anyone out. But I could be wrong... let me know if you haven't heard from me! Anyway, now is the time to get to know each other! I tried really hard to pair people up that I thought had a lot in common or could benefit from each other. After all, that's what friendship is all about!

Now, a note about the card-making. I'm not a mathematician. Sorry to disappoint. While you'll be sure to receive a total of three valentines, you only have to make two (no worries, you will get three cards in the mail, just in time for V-day!). Here's how it's going to work: you make two cards and send them to your partners. If you've already made a third valentine, I have a suggestion to make. You can either give it to a total stranger at the store, church, movies, park, etc. OR you could send it to a long lost friend, a lonely relative, a secretive crush, whatever.

The saying "spread the love" is so much more than cheesy; it's sincere. And whether you're in the swap or not, I think we can all afford to love everyone just a bit more. So make someone feel better today, and the next day, and the next. [and in an effort to be an even bigger cheese-head...] Together, we can make the world a better place.

It's so true. Love's a very good thing. *B


  1. Yes! Love conquers all! All except cancer, hunger, bad teeth and body odor... but it's still good! Have fun with the Valentines, but don't get any paper cuts. Red may be the "in" color this month, but it shouldn't be your blood...

  2. (Why are some of my children so cynical?)
    Thanks for doing your share in making the world a better place sweetie!

  3. I think this picture describes my husband's life perfectly. Sometimes I wonder who he loves more...totally kidding of course. I wish that I was a card making lady---because this swap sounded so fun. Hope all is well...enjoy the reading!

  4. I love the post! I"m so excited to be doing this!! Thank you so much Beth!! I'm so glad we're related. LOL... but seriously, I am. You're awesome!


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