guess that project! and other such randomness

Thanks for all the well wishes! You all are a load of sweethearts, you know that? I'm still worried I won't sell a darn, but I'm glad I've got your sweet comments to fall back on :) So I'm doing a little better... slowly but surely projects are being whittled down. I finished up all of my cards last night and I'll be sending them out tomorrow. But I have a few more to work on.

First off, I am indeed involved in the "Baby-a-Baby" swap and am looking forward to some car time to get some newbie knitting in. But before all that, I need to post some seven weird things about me
(as though I haven't embarrassed myself enough on this site!), so my spoil/spoilee and fellow swappers can get to know me better. The real me. Unedited and uncut! Booyah and here goes (deep breath):

1. Do any of you remember doing that science project about earlobe types? Yeah? Well one of my lobes is free (dominant) and the other is attached (recessive). I worried about it for a brief blip in my lifetime and refused to wear my hair up. But as you can see it doesn't bother me so much and most likely than not my hair is indeed up. Always (almost).
2. I have whiskers that require plucking every once in a while. No joke.
3. I HATE artificial sweeteners. I have a personal belief that they cause type 2 diabetes and cancer. But more than that, the aftertaste is sickening. Gross. Hate it. And therefore any sugar-free candy and any liquid labeled Diet is N.A.S.T.Y. (sorry to all you die-hard Diet Coke fans out there. We can still be friends, right?)
4. I HATE pop, soda, whatever you call it. Disgusting. Hate it. Except for the occasional Dr. Pepper...
5. I could happily live as a vegetarian. Except for the occasional slice of bacon. Not out of principal but out of preference. Meat is yucky and veggies are yummy. Except for bacon (the crispy kind).
6. Marinated artichoke hearts is one of my all-time favorite treats. Marinated mushrooms are also my very favorite. Speaking of treats, and food in general, I can eat whatever I want. What I mean by that I suppose is that I'm pretty lucky in that I don't crave sweets. I typically crave relatively healthy and/or salty foods. And chocolate. Hence my preferred "treats" tend to not be treats at all. Except for chocolate.
7. I wish I was a surf bum (and had a surfer's bum!) and I love the movie Blue Crush (awesome footage man). While I was still up at college in Rexburg I was looking into school all along the coast and Hawaii. I wanted to transfer away from the snow and closer to the waves. And then Brad came along from Seattle, we got married, finished up school in the snow and headed out here to the school of the waves. Who knows, maybe I'll catch a half-piper yet!

Whew, I'm glad that's over! Haha, just kidding, tags are fun. And I have lots more that I need to participate in, but that's for another day...

Second item of bloggity business: we have what was supposed to be a little family project going on. It's taking a lot longer than we thought, and a lot more money than we initially hoped for, but in the end I think it'll all be worth it. And I'm not talking about hanging up pictures on the walls and unpacking those last boxes. That [moving in] is another project that NEEDS to be finished. And laundry. Oh well. Anyway, I wanted to try a fun little guessing game with anyone who is interested. Give me your best guess (doesn't have to be an educated one) as to what we have been busy doing based on this here picture. And if you know what it is, don't ruin the fun; your entry should be even more convoluted!

We're leaving on Thursday for the A.Z., so I'll announce the winner on Monday. Or someday --I'm a total procrastinator, in case you haven't noticed. Bad Beth! Bad.


  1. I think you're trying to get a disposal put in. I was so glad when we finally got ours, anyway!

  2. I think your getting one of those nice removable faucet heads.

  3. shaving a pumpkin.

    or a lot of pencils.

  4. You have not been doing dishes because you have been toilet training Will, along with the other unknown project!

  5. My guess is that you're getting a dishwasher installed??

  6. Sawdust. That's all I've got. Nice trickery with the fork though!

  7. I think you're getting an early start on Will's first science fair project... you know "What happens to a plate when you let orange stuff grow on it for seven years!"

  8. New kitchen cabinets.

  9. I know what it is, so I won't spoil it.

  10. You're becoming a sculptor?

  11. I'm going way out on a limb here by guessing you're either going to be making your own cook book to sell or opening a health food store.... :) both of those I can see you doing. Drive safely!

  12. look how clean your sponge is! Not yucky at all... and can I just say that I totally agree with you on the artificial sweeteners! I think they're so bad for you and taste horrible! You can always taste fake sugar... it's the nasty aftertaste, but whatever. As for projects... something with wood... Ha, ha. Oh, and potty training Will!? Grrr...I'm so jealous. I wasn't kidding when I said I've totally given up on Gavin...

  13. It's actually a good thing maybe that you don't like artificial sweetners - some ARE dangerous, such as those in diet drinks! hihi

    Ok, here's my guess: you're cleaning 6 months worth of dishes :D

  14. Anonymous6:25 AM

    just to add a weird spin to the guessing, come on people be a little more creative. I'm going to guess a family picture made entirely out of food.


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