an ode to order

Turns out another month has gone flown by.  Crazzzy!  So, I hardly know what to write nowadays...  It's like I've got serious writer's block.  Or else, my kids have destroyed my brain.  Both are entirely possible.  But, things are good :)  I've had homesteading on my mind lately.  A lot.  No, we haven't up and left our little condo for a huge plantation.  We're still here, and I'm still making my house my home.  It will never matter where we live, or what house we're in, because I'll make it mine just the same.  It's what I do.

So, I'm really into this homestead revival.  Yes, we really did have real live chicks in our house.  We now have an adolescent hen, who lives at my cousin's with her hens.  And hopefully one day we will have a few eggs from our then grown-up hen!  I may not have a farm, or a backyard, but I can still do my part to be more self sufficient.  Oh, how I dream of the day when we own a handful of chickens, a cow, a couple of pigs, and a few goats.  Bliss.  And don't even get me started on my dream garden!  Double bliss.  One day!  But for now, I do what I can.  Like pawn off fowl to my cousin, and mooch mulch from friends to start a small container garden on our back patio.  It's not a lot, but it's a start.

I've recently had the strong impression to "get my house in order" and to prepare.  Don't ask me what I'm preparing for, or when I'll need to be prepared, but I feel like I should be "anxiously engaged" and do what I can.  Yes, I am literally getting my house in order.  Every night I do a load of laundry, and every day I clean a designated zone.  But, it's more than that.  We're watching less TV, and we're playing less video games.  We're reading more scriptures, and we're listening to more hymns.  And I've finally started to think/plan about food storage, and emergency preparedness.  Whether or not something will happen, I feel that all of this preparing is mostly for my own good.

My life is in order, and my life is good.  *B