like mother, like daughter

Last night was a long one. Which automatically makes for a long day... but today, instead of going back to bed, I got to go to the Christmas Idea House with my dear mother. Even though we missed the first bus, ate runny (albeit tasty) quiche for breakfast, and browsed through a crowded house full of not-as-fancy-as-to-be-expected decor, we had fun. We always have fun together. And we came home exhausted.

Why do I feel like I've been up since before dawn?! Oh, that's right... because I have been! Elsie's hardly slept in the past 24 hours, poor thing. She was acting kind of fussy last night, and it steadily got worse. Only her brother could distract her from her ear tugging and restlessness. Poor baby. But man, does she LOVE her big brother! And sibling bath time. So cute :) Anyway, after much rocking, singing, and other such useless attempts at distracting, we called for backup: a Priesthood blessing. Thank Heaven for good friends who answer desperate late night phone calls! Little miss got her blessing and was able to fall asleep in her mother's arms. Cuddling a ball of yarn.

I love my mom. I love my daughter. And I love that I'm both. *B



it may be sunny outside

But there's a hint of a chill :)
There's not much better than crafting up a Christmas storm! And I haven't even started on the homemade gifts... I better get crack-a-lackin'. But for now, I'm seeing stars! *B