a hullabaloo of scraps and links

Ok, so here's the first of what I'd like to call Beth's sharing time. So I told you I've been busy and it wasn't a lie. Here's some proof of that along with some happy news (see below) -- no I'm STILL NOT pregnant, sorry to disappoint :P Anyway, so my hip and literate cousin led me to this site for a fun aura reading. It came up with a list of, oh, 70 insights into who I am and why I'm that way. Very interesting. Anyway, the W&W team (yes, I'm on it! In case you missed my "sly" update... I apologize Clarissa) held a challenge to have us gals create a page all about us. How fortuitous; these two events resulted in this page of me, the B:

Apparently, I'm a hardcore blue, with indigo as second, with the tans and purples (violet / lavender) following as close thirds/fourths... You'll notice the photo pile looks familiar, eh? And as tribute to my "life color", the page is done in black and white, with a dash of BLUE and then sprinkled with the other hues. You'll have to click on the image in order to read the list (if you feel so inclined). One statement I found very interesting was that due to my INDIGO nature, "Waking up suddenly causes me physical pain." And you ask why I'm not more of a morning person...

My next blog post will most likely be about our trips. Lots of funness. But I decided to bring all this up now because not only have I been working on it these past few days, but also because I wanted to share some W&W lovelies with you (aka. THE happy news part of this post). Take a gander at what Gina has created, the Celebrating Color Collection:

Pure awesomeness, right? Fabulousness is painted (literally) throughout these beautiful kits. I consider myself a very, very, very lucky girl to get to play with them. I'll have a few more colorful pages to share later, too. And check it out, they have lots of freebies going on right now over on their blogsie, like the "Dabbling in Doodles" or like the one below >>>

So hop, skip and jump on over there and snatch up some FREE goodies! Exciting stuff happening for those ladies, like getting a gig with ScrapArtist! Wowza! Check it out, I know they're having some sales going on THIS week in celebration (which is why I wanted to share all of this as I'm well aware that some of you are big fans)! Oh, and full credits for my page can be found here. I'll be back soon enough, with pics to boot! Ciao!

PS- New blog theme, because it totally goes with my page (notice the "Live Life, Be Bold" button? Close enough to "Dare", right? ;)


the rush of being home in rapid fading

I'm back and busy. But aren't we all? Regardless, it is nice to be home. I'll update soon, with lots and lots of schtuff, such as but not limited to: pictures from both trips (WA & AZ), latest projects, chic new 'do, fab new garbs, etcetera. A slew of noteworthy happenings for sure. So just be prepared. Rest up and enjoy the blog's NEW theme song -- not my most favoritest version, but it's close enough! :)

PS- If anyone is of the sewing type and/or are inclined to quilt piecing, check out Michelle's BQBE. We need a few more people I believe... If a block exchange with total strangers tickles your fancy, then come, join us. And I will have y'all know that I had the pleasure of meeting the aforementioned hostess just last night and she is darling!!! So the whole thing is sure to be fun and well worth it because it's in her hands.

Note: lyrics found here whereas the label can be found here. Aren't links fun?!


plenty of sunshine

Greetings from the "Valley of the Sun"! That's right, we've left our balmy 'bu yet again! Brad had his first two days at the beginning of this week at the county superior court office and had the rest of the week off. And we decided to just come out now for Memorial weekend, thereby avoiding the some 3 million people leaving LA. What was nice was that I had been lazy and hadn't yet unpacked so when we decided to head out here, I was halfway ready! Sweet, eh? So yeah.

Oh, and the Monk says hi, via self-portraits.

PS- Notice the blog's theme song (top right sidebar)? Bwahaha! Brad says that's how he feels every time I leave him, even if it's to the grocery store! Awwww. Curious, how many of you out there feel like that when I'm on a vacay from blogging? :P


something for me to think about

This past week we’ve been up in Washington visiting the Summers. And what a wonderful week it was, something that we both needed. Brad got the break that he has deserved for so long and I had the time to reflect on the things that are absolutely essential in my life. I was without my computer and all my scrap booking supplies, along without any of my craft supplies. But then for a few days I was without any computer at all, which meant NO internet. We were on the very tippy-tip of said green state, in the middle of nowhere. No cell phone reception either! And one of those days we were out on in the middle of the ocean! More about that later.

But basically, here I was, with “nothing” to do but sit back, enjoying the coastline view and each other’s company. Especially the company of my William. I really feel like this past week I had the opportunity to fall back in love with my son. Don’t get me wrong, there’s never been a moment of these past 22 months and five days that I have NOT loved my child. But my actions may paint a different picture. How many times have I let the TV baby-sit Will whilst I work upstairs on the puter, or do the dishes, etc. Too many that I’m ashamed to admit. Well no more!

A couple of weeks ago I worked on the page above. It took FOREVER and I am proud of how it turned out. However, it came at a great price. Once again, I spent hours on the computer at the expense of spending time with my child. What makes it worse is that the page was about how lucky I felt to be a mom! And there I was working on it and thinking about how lucky I really am, how much I love my calling as a mother and how much I adore my son. Really truly. And all this scrappy-pondering multi-tasking is coming to you straight from the finger tips of a huge-fat hypocrite.

What’s more, last week the lovely Lacey hosted another thought provoking “pond” that I’d like to reflect upon a wee bit more. I want to come up with a schedule and to figure out where my priorities lie. Basically, a reevaluation and a lifestyle overhaul is in order!

*full credits can be seen here


the women in my life

I know this is coming a little late, but in all honesty, I didn't want to take away from Brad's big day and it's a little harder to be computer savvy when you're away from home. But Mother's Day is important because my mothers are important to me. That's right, mother + plural = my blood mama and my mom-in-law. Both are such wonderful women so I thought I would take Lacey's challenge (albeit a few days late):

"What is the most important life lesson your mother(s)
has taught you and how are you
going to pass it on to your little ones?"

Heidi A. Borgia, my mom: One of her famous sayings, and one of my all-time favorites, is "Life sucks and then you die." I love it because of its shock factor upon hearing it, but also because it's so true. Life is hard and sometimes a little unfair (or so it seems) but we don't let it debiliate us. We work through those difficult times and move on. Because in the end, we go to a better place with a greater understanding of all those tough times. So if my kids every try to pull a whine fest about how life's not fair, I will for sure whip out this phrase because really, we all just need to get over it (whatever it may be), right? Right.

But I also learned from my mother how to love and care for people. And she isn't just nice just so people think highly of her (even though they do), but because she is genuinely concerned for others. Sometimes her loving words and actions do go unnoticed, and that's ok. She is such a great example of turning the other cheek, of being a true disciple of Christ and His teachings "to love one another." I too love anyone and want the best for everyone. And my children will definitely be reared in a home where that is displayed and taught, like I was.

Marty Summers, my mother-in-law: I have THE best in laws in the entire world. I feel bad for everyone else... haha, just kidding! But seriously, my mother in law is a saint and I have no problem calling her mom. She is the kindest and gentlest person I know. She goes out of her way to make people comfortable and safe. Ask anyone and they would agree. The joke in the family is that the only reason the rest of us will get into Heaven is because of our relation to mom! She gave me her wonderful son who is an equally wonderful husband. I know that Brad's capacity to love me comes from his mother, who also loves me. It means so much to me to feel such acceptance from her and the sense of security that comes with that knowledge. And it gives me comfort to know that my children will grow up knowing that both sets of their grandparents are loved by both of their parents. There will just be love in my home; love everywhere!

ETA: I forgot to mention that my dear MIL also happens to be a nutrition guru! Brad sometimes feels like he has two mothers in the same room when we're all together! But it's so nice to not be told that I'm crazy! In fact, it was on my first date with Brad that I found out Marty had the book I wanted for Christmas: Healing with Whole Foods, Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition. How cool is that?! It was like a sign. Haha. And we've gotten along ever since. We always have wonderful conversations about health and nutrition and how we can better the health of ourselves and families, etc. Once again, it's so nice to have the support AND encouragement as I pursue my studies in Holistic Nutrition, from both of my mothers. How lucky am I?!

With all that being said, sadly enough, I wasn't able to make something for my marvelous mother-in-law because I don't have a picture of her!!! So I will definitely be getting some this week while we're here visiting so I can show her off to all of you... But this is a page I did for my mother for Mother's Day (I'll have you know that I don't have many pictures of her either... it must be a mom thing, because looking through all of our pictures, there aren't too many of me either. I guess the mom is usually the one behind the camera and not in front of it...).

I would also like it to be known that I have wonderful grandparents, too. On both sides of my family and Brad's. And my sister-in-laws are sooooo great too! I never had sisters but now I have three and they are the best! My SIL Ashley told me that if Bradley ever did anything to hurt me that they would all have my back! Haha! But really, such lovely ladies! I just feel so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful women and the loving examples that they share with us all. And that goes to all my aunts, cousins, cousin-in-laws, friends/blog buds! You all have something to share that makes me a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. So thank you to all and everyone deserves to be celebrated! Love, me the B

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Bradley's on the microphone with Ras-MG

About time I got on here and updated y'all, eh? Well, it is officially SUMMERTIME in the Summers household! Woot woot! I've been swamped in scrapping, but more importantly Brad finished up his last final (yesterday) of his first year of law school, HUZZAH!!! We've got big plans for this summer, starting with a trip out to Seattle, today! So later gators, and remember, it's Summertime and the livin's easy...

credits: Everything is LBD with NRJ_inked_edges.


you know how much i love contests!

You can win a one of a kind set of quick pages designed by Jenna's creative team (I would be one of them...)! These will never be for sale, they are exclusively for her CT and one lucky winner. How do I win, you ask? Click here for details.
And if anything you see tickles your fancy, you might want to check out the rest of her Peach Fuzz kit. And if you're curious, I designed the page in the top left corner. Isn't it pretty?! Such a pretty kit, it's perfect for all those sweet pictures you have lying around... Here's what I did with it:

{click on image}


tag. are you it?

I saw this on the totally awesome and completely literate RedRobinLand. So I happily and voluntarily allowed myself to be tagged. Here's a game the hip queen of serene Miss Marta started called
5 hearts + 5 hates.

I heart
01. minor notes
02. Mod Podge
03. people watching
04. my pillows, all three/four of them
05. Halloween (and the rest of the Fall season. I'm already getting antsy for it!)

I hate (or strongly dislike)
01. Condescending commercials
02. Cars that don't use their turn signals
03. Italian [i-tal-yuh n] pronounced as [eye-tal-yuh n]
04. Vomit, or the act thereof. I know that I am NOT alone on this one!
05. People who lecture me on how to be healthy (when they obviously know nothing about it)

If you want to join the game, consider yourself tagged. Post {five hearts & five hates} on your own blog. And don't forget to have fun, that's a must! I heart fun. :)


everything's coming up weeds & wildflowers...

I too am among the 100+ applicants to the Weeds & Wildflowers latest CT call. So along with Michelle, I'm going out on a limb and here's my page I did for the challenge. It's mighty simple (as is most of my pages), of which I'm kinda worried about... but what a beautiful kit and what a beautiful little girl!!! This is another one of Lindsey's photos (she's amazing, I tell ya) and this little beauty here is Lucy. So sweet, just looking at her makes me want to have another, in hopes of a girl! Besides, then I can scrap pages of my own daughter, haha!

So they won't make any final decisions until this Sunday. But we're supposed to be sporting their blinkies to show how enthusiastic we are about being on their team, and you all know how enthusiastic I can be!!! I decided to sport all three, because they're all so pretty and it's hard to pick just one, and because I am just THAT enthusiastic! They're one of my favorite designers out there and I always told myself, "Dang Gina, if they ever put out a CT call, you are going to jump on that!" And so I have, and here we are.
UPDATE: Wowza. So I'm pretty excited about this latest development! Actually, I couldn't believe my eyes and I was having hot flashes of excitement, and I'm in my twenties! Wish me luck. I hope I can live up to the expectations of the W&W team!

*full credits can be seen here


we're all good

Well yesterday was a lovely anniversary, despite finals. Thank you very much, to all the well wishes! We are indeed very happily married and Brad is indeed still alive and kicking, what with four more finals left and all... sorry, that last post was a bit misleading when I said the first-last final. What I meant was the it was his first final of his last semester of his first year of law school. I confuse myself sometimes, so don't feel bad or left out if you misunderstood what I was trying to say. So yeah, his second final is tomorrow and he did great on the other one, so we hope it just continues on for the next week... Anyway, thanks to our wonderful friends the Domans, me and my hub were able to treat ourselves to Chang's and a butt load of delish food! Especially those banana spring rolls! I'm still freaking out over that fabulous choice of ours, mmmmm.

Brad was a sweetheart and picked out a very cute shirt from F21. Unfortunately, I'm not what the designers envisioned as a model for the garb and we ended up exchanging it for an equally fab, if not more so, skirt! I will have to post pictures when I wear it, because it is just that dang cute! The best part is that he went through all the trouble to get the perfect bag and card, all matchey and everything! I've trained him well, eh? Haha! So when I get my pictures up from our outing, I'll have to post those too.

But here are some other pictures from the other day. Such a lovely mess. Again, this was one of those moments where I opted for a quick photo snap instead of venting. So thank you Monk, and thank you huge alphabet cracker bin from Costco, for giving me such an opportunity. That's my life, as a mother, of this kid, and his cravings (all carb choices, I'll have you know... what am I supposed to do with this kid? It's like the only time I got veggies in him was when he was stuck in my womb, or to my chest..). And it's at times like these when I really crave a new slipcover for my couch, or heck, a new couch altogether! But it's worked for this long and it just needs to get us through the next, oh let's say ten years! If anyone wants to have a couch give-away, I am ALL OVER that one! Like a bee on honey. Or like a monkey on a cracker dusted, slipcovered couch...
And I suppose I should mention this now, as it was apparently safe to announce as of yesterday. I'm on Jenna Nelson's Littlebird Design team! She is such a fun gal and I'm so excited to be working with her! Funny (and true) story: she knows the beautiful Candra, personally! Once I figured that out, I just had to be on her team and voila, here we are! Her designs are so fun and I'm really looking forward to playing with them. Yippee!

So there you have it! Now I'm off to bed as I am such a sleepy head. We've got to catch the z's "early" so Mr. student can get up in a few hours to study before the next big test: Contracts, yay. As always, I'll keep y'all posted! *B

PS- Uhhhh, you may also notice that Will's decked out not only in pajamas (kinda mis-matched ones at that) but also Christmas-ey ones... Uhhhh, "I have no response to that." *raspberry*

credits: film strip from Gretchen Tripp designs (at Elemental Scraps), gritty sayings from Jenna's LBD (at Pocket Pearls and Scrapdish), and folded ribbon from Krista Ring (freebie).


happy anni

{click on image}

This is a page I did for our anniversary (today), for my husband. He is always saying how there are never enough pictures (or scrap pages) of me, so I went ahead and did one just for him!* This is obviously a picture from our wedding day, a day where this girl's dream came true. These have been the best three years of my life. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not happy because this man was made for that purpose (so he's been told) and he excels at it everyday. I am so lucky I found him when I did, he's just what I needed.

Now to share some great memories via photo pile
(including pictures sans beard! That's right,
he has such a baby face underneath all that fuzz! :)
Today, on our very anniversary, Brad has his first-last final of his first year of law school!!! I can't believe we've just about made it through this eat-you-alive year in one piece (mostly...)! We're both looking forward to the summer, as it will most likely be the last "peaceful" one of our lives. Craziness. Here's to you honey!

Oh, and happy birthday to my dearest Janelle (ETA: man, this is the day of days, as it is also Lindsey Z's b-day!). And, for those of you who have contacted me about orders, they'll be placed in a few days. If you haven't heard from me, send me an email reminding me, just in case, as my inbox is a disaster area as of right now...

*full credits can be seen here