this weekend

consist(s)/(ed) of mostly this

and a little ho-hum homemaking.
All in the comfort of my pajamas.
I should at least shower...

More often than not, I don't.

Turns out my weekends are the same as my weekdays. *B


anyone interested

in this (the bedding, not the belly)? If you're even slightly tempted by a Pottery Barn Pinwheel Bumper pad, email me! It's brand new, never been opened. I'm going in a different direction with miss Elsie's bedroom. That is, when she has her own bedroom, instead of this very chic, very cute bedding

it'll be this very sweet, very retro-ish and handmade bedding

Little miss isn't even in a crib yet... but she will be! When she has a room of her own, in a home of our own. For now, she's plenty comfortable taking naps on Nana's bed and sleeping (through the night!!!) in her cradle in the game room, across from Bampa's pool table :)

Which reminds me, I'll have to get some pictures up of our temporary home... aka my parent's house. Anyone interested in seeing where I grew up? *B


mostly finished

He did it!
We did it!

Bradley graduated from
Pepperdine's School of Law
on the 22nd of May, 2009.


It was an absolutely beautiful day with family and friends. While Brad walked, I sat there beaming and crying. I was honored to hood him and am so proud of what he's accomplished. And besides our massive amount of school debt, the four of us made it through relatively unharmed :) Now it's time to hunker down and study for the bars (CA & AZ). Then, we will be finished. *B