For family and/or friends who want to see what we look (and sound) like in real life, early in the AM and sans showers (etc).

Happy Easter indeed.  *B


the birthday girl

My sweet stinker of a baby little girl turned two last month.  My, how time flies!  I'm sure it's because she's so fun :)  Miss Elsie Rae makes everyone, and I mean every single person who has ever had the pleasure of meeting her, smile.  And she has since day one.  *B

public service announcement

I am pregnant.  But, I am currently in the process of losing it (again).  I figured y'all should know, since my coworkers do (thanks Dad).  How do I feel?  Exhausted.  Fat.  Moody.  Achy.  Hungry.  Sick.  In a word: pregnant.  Yeah, lots of fun.  And in case you can't tell, that's me being sarcastic.  *B