oh by golly

have a holly, jolly Christmas this year! *B et al.


merry Christmas to me

Thanks for all the well wishes! And thanks to Mom and Dad Summers for coming down and helping us change locations. We left our place today (just like this) for Arizona. We'll be back soon after all the festivities with a small truckload of furniture and presents!

And then I can decorate to my heart's content. Yahoo! *B


in the process of being merry

Cheers for festive blog headers! And cheers to Cherie Mask for her "Be Merry" kit at 2peas (freebie). Love it. I'm also merry about moving! We signed our souls away and now have the keys to our new apartment! And I took some pictures:

Yes, a washer and dryer! And a kitchen!! With a stove!!! And a fridge! And a freezer!! And two sinks plus garbage disposal! And a dishwasher!!! I am all about the exclamations right now!!!!! In case you couldn't tell, I'm pretty stoked. And yes, that is a welcome basket, complete with card addressed "Dear valued resident." Awesome. I'm valued.

Since we're moving, I've been pretty slack on the decorations. Justifiably so, right? But here is the little proof that we aren't Scrooges (we're the Summers):

Can you believe Christmas is only 11 days away?! So much to do. Such little time. It's ok, I have a kitchen!!! *B


are you thinking what i'm thinking?

So I'm thinking the party is over... and in my opinion, it (and the free Festive Desk below) was a bust. Oh well. I think I'll just blame it on being busy. Me busy. You busy. We all busy. But I still wanted to throw some ideas out there, get some feedback.

First off
, this snazzy poll (I've been wanting to do one since, like, the before time):

Secondly: a give-away! Probably my last one, too (lots of reasons). Since this was a birthday party, I thought I would give away my entire party hat kit to one lucky winner! So leave a comment, letting me know you're interested in some digital head gear and I'll draw a name some time next week (after which I'll be taking down the freebie mini version). Or would the beginning of the new year be better for everyone? Perfect timing for a party hat, eh then?

Thirdly: anyone out there want our Summers' family Christmas card this year? I've got one designed and ready to be printed if any family or friends want one. Just email me your addy and I'll get it to you hopefully before the holiday! But I do need to get a count before I send it to the printers...

Fourthly: New theme song for the blog! It's fun, but what I really wanted was Jim Noir's remake of "My Patch". Oh well... I guess I'll keep looking. But for now, "It's Christmas! Let's Be Glad!", by THE Sufjan Stevens.

Fifthly: I think another break is in order. Like I said, we all busy. Brad is in the middle of finals (after which he'll be officially half way through law school!!!) and I'm in the middle of a ton of things, such as, but not limited to: moving (and all that it entails), Christmas shopping/creating, business venturing, schooling, various planning, celebrating, etc. Needless to say, I'm feeling pressed on time and blogging isn't bringing me any closer to freedom. And I honestly don't know if anyone is even reading this thing nowadays... so yeah. I'll be back whenever y'all think I should be (as in, when do you think I should do the drawing?). Okey dokey?

All rightey then. *B


as promised...

I have a treat for anyone who is interested: a holiday desktop! I can't believe it's December. Sheesh. Anyway, here's a decorative wallpaper to display eight festive photos. The specifics: saved at 72 dpi, png format, and scaled at 1280 x 1024 pixels. Hope you like it :)

movin' on up

Yay, you made it!!! Sorry about pulling the rug out from ya, but some changes are going on... more on those later ;)

But here's something I can share with you: we're moving! Not just blog addies, but apartments! It's like double the trouble, eh? Anyway, we're so excited! The new place will be just PERFECT for what our family needs. For example, a pool and park only 50 yards away!!! Needless to say, I'm thrilled, as is our little monkey:

I think all of this hullabaloo calls for a huzzah! Or maybe even a triple one: huzzah, huzzah, HUZZAH!!! Check that out, three exclamation points too. Not too shabby! Anyway, I hope you stick around regardless all the craziness. Because I'm going to share something with y'all later tonight (hopefully)! The party isn't over yet. And if current events are any indication of the future, then the party's just begun!

Booyah. *B