to whom it may interest

I'm on Twitter now. I think, subconsciously, it is one of my life's missions to belong to every online community available. With the exception of Myspace. No thanks. Anyway, I find something strangely relaxing and poetic about the writing of short, random sentences. I'll just leave it at that. *B


it's time

We've been potty training for three days now...

Side note: Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the word "potty"???
HATE it. I'd rather say pee/poo. And we do. That is all.

Anyway, we have had some accidents, but nothing too bad. I think that part is unavoidable. I'm just glad we have a washer/dryer in this place! I've also got a sticker chart + candy + new underwear, which will hopefully = success! It's definitely trying my patience, though. Every 30 minutes for a bathroom break really takes its toll... but it needs to be done. After all, it's time. *B

photo by limonada


a rolling pumpkin gathers no moss...

I love pumpkins. And I absolutely adore Autumn! October happens to be my favorite month, too. The colors, the air, the quiet, the pace and of course, THE holiday! You better believe we've got our costumes in the works ;)

So yay for Fall and all it entails! Here's a little freebie for you to celebrate the season: it's a festive desktop wallpaper, and it happens to match my Spook Alpha and Sweetly Sinister paper pack. I designed all of these last year... but since that October was less than ideal, I'm busting out the goodies now. Consider it an early treat (not a trick)!

If it tickles your fancy, you can snatch the Fall Wall Freebie here:

Also sweet: my new blog song! Love Kate Nash, almost as much as I love pumpkins :) I'm off to AZ for a week, and hopefully when I get back I'll have those pictures I've been talking about... and a lot more to share, too. But in the meantime, happy Fall y'all! *B

photo by Robin