a tale to tell, sans raven

Introducing: the toothless vampire, an angry townsman, and the witch with her little black cat :)

The story of our costumes follows thusly: Will did NOT want to be a carrot, or anything that other people would laugh at...  Without any prodding from his mother, he decided on being a vampire this Halloween.  I gladly accepted such a classic request, and then planned the rest of our costumes accordingly.  A day before Halloween, Will lost his top tooth.  On the night of Halloween, he lost the other one.  True story, with blood and all!  A Happy Halloween indeed.  *B



Yup, it really is true!  This guy of mine has passed the AZ Bar :)  Please, don't ask us what our plans are...  We're too busy celebrating this great culmination of the past five years to worry about the next five!  Yup, I'm mostly joking.  But seriously, don't ask.  Because we don't really know.  We're (still) just happy we've made it this far!  *B



14 weeks :)

Yes, we are absolutely thrilled!  Also, apprehensive.
But mostly, we're just thankful.  *B