a tale to tell, sans raven

Introducing: the toothless vampire, an angry townsman, and the witch with her little black cat :)

The story of our costumes follows thusly: Will did NOT want to be a carrot, or anything that other people would laugh at...  Without any prodding from his mother, he decided on being a vampire this Halloween.  I gladly accepted such a classic request, and then planned the rest of our costumes accordingly.  A day before Halloween, Will lost his top tooth.  On the night of Halloween, he lost the other one.  True story, with blood and all!  A Happy Halloween indeed.  *B


  1. This turned out well!!
    Are you going to explain Brad's torch, for those who might wonder about his costume? (Is it the torch he carries for you???)

  2. W@hat a CUTE family : ) Will was telling Douglas all about his lost teeth this morning !

  3. wow ! you guys look AWESOME !!!! <3 love you !

  4. Love Love Love the costumes! You are always picking such awesome halloween costumes.


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