Baby boy Summers will soon enter the world :)  Oh, sorry.  Did I not tell you that we were having a boy?  Oh, right.  I've been MIA for the past... five months!  Oh well.

So, baby boy Summers will be here in approximately four hours.  I was able to get in a few hours of sleep before it dawned on me that I really had nothing to wear to the hospital.  At least, nothing comfy.  Which is of vital importance, obviously.  And so I have a load of appropriate clothing in the wash, and here I sit, updating my blog with my dear, supportive husband sitting by my side.  And we're watching Warehouse 13.  Because nothing says, "Welcome to the family!" like a dose of cheesy Sci-Fi ;)

Some thoughts:
  • We'll be a family of five (real) soon!  I came from a family of five...  If we have any more kids I will have outgrown my childhood family.
  • We might have one more.  How can I say this at 40 weeks pregnant???  I have no idea, other than the decision isn't really up to me.  But, I'll get back to you in 18 months or so.
  • A due date explanation might be in order...  Remember back when, when I had an ectopic pregnancy after Will and before Elsie?  Well, I was due May 11th.  Miss Elsie was born on the eleventh of March.  Fast forward a few years, and I had a miscarriage.  I was due December 5th.  Got pregnant again, due the fifth of April.  Talked my doctor into letting me go to my actual due date, instead of scheduling a repeat C-sec a week early like normal.  I've never been so pregnant in my life, and I don't know if I'll be so "lucky" next time.  I may not be able to have the birth I want, but at least I can have the pregnancy I want :)
  • Went to the temple the day before my due date.  One lady about fell over when she found out I was so prego, and another lady literally held and kissed my belly for a good 10 minutes.  Good/strange times makes for good/fun memories!
  • First pregnancy I've ever felt Braxton Hicks.  First pregnancy where I had contractions every eight minutes for an hour...  If I weren't so worried about my pelvic angles, I'd think I could birth this boy!
  • Second pregnancy where I've worried about the change in family dynamics.  I was so worried about adding Elsie to our family, and how it would effect my relationship with my William.  But there's nothing like the joy of watching your child enjoy the blessings of sibling-hood!  Will has been the BEST big brother, and Elsie has been a joy.  So, I know that adding another sweet spirit is a happy thing.  A good thing.  But I fear change, and I'm having the same hang-ups I did three years ago...  Our family is changing again, and it's for the better.
  • Our family might be growing, but our living (and driving) arrangements aren't!  It was time to get creative.  We'll have three kids in one room.  And I am totally ok with it.  Actually, I'm thrilled with it!  The way I see it, if four of us made it through living in a one bed/bath, then five of us can make a two bed/bath quite comfortable.  Thank goodness for bunk beds and mini cribs ;)
Laundry's done!  And so am I.  *B


  1. Good luck with your delivery, I pray that everyone is healthy : ) I am EXCITED to meet this little guy. You have a pretty good track record of having good lookin' kids, so I am certain this one won't be much different ! I am really excited for you and wish you the best. Please let me know how I can help and let me know when I can bring dinner by. Have fun ! ! !

  2. I hope everything goes (went) well! I can't believe you'll have three kids!! Can't wait to see him!

  3. Yay! Congrats on the new baby boy! We are a family of 5, soon to be six, and I totally understand the worries of adding another kid to the mix. Right now we have all three kiddos in one room, since about 13 months old for our youngest and it works, most of the time. Naps were and are a little tricky sometimes but now all the kids are on the same bedtime schedule and it's awesome. We're so happy for you! Hope everything is going well with life!

  4. Seriously been waiting, and waiting and waiting for this update! Congrats on the boy. I love having three! It is so so Awesome, or maybe it's because my boy is the best baby ever. Please don't make me wait and wait for the good news!!!


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