The camera is unloaded! Now I have the necessary memory to take pictures, which means this blog will be less boring (hopefully). Although, as to whether or not I have the necessary memory myself to remember to take pictures is an entirely different story... just wanted to share this trivial information with you before I'm off to do laundry, lasagna, cupcakes and FHE. Also, we had a tarantula on our porch today. No, I do not have a picture of it and I do not want to talk about it further! [shudders]

Bday pics of the birthday boys to come later this week! *B


time for an update

Holy guacamole, it's almost been a month since my last post! Sheesh. I suppose that means I should probably write something, before I lose any more readers. Or before my mother shoots me... whichever comes first. Just so you know, my camera is full of pictures that I have yet to transfer from five months ago. So, no new pictures, just a boring post. Also, I've had a LOT on my mind lately. Here's just a sampling:

whining about...
1. just trying to stay alive right now. Last month was beastly and this month looks to be the same, but worse. We are officially broke. No cash, credit or loans left over to live on. It seems like we have nothing but debt. It sucks.
2. feeling sick, exhausted and starving. All the time. Not necessarily in that order, though...

dreaming about...
1. money, obviously. Because then we could pay rent + utilities. And then I could get this, this and this/this. Food would be nice, too.
2. a baby girl. Her name is Elizabeth Rae Summers, but she goes by Elsie-Rae. She has blue eyes and brown, wavy hair. She also sleeps through the night.

lucky about...
1. jobs. Even though we live from paycheck to paycheck, it's better than nothing. I am hyper aware of how blessed we really are.
2. being pregnant. I am just about 9 weeks along and am due late-mid-March (like, the 19th). A couple of weeks ago we had an ultrasound to rule out another ectopic pregnancy. Good news abounds, because the baby is indeed where it needs to be (my uterus)! We also got to see the tiny heart flutter and hear it beat, too. I just hope and pray that things continue to get better, and in seven months I'll have my baby! And yes, I would be perfectly happy if she turned out to be a he, instead ;) Oh, and I haven't thrown up yet. Definitely lucky about that!

And for what it's worth, I thought Breaking Dawn was awesome! It basically rocked my socks. Time to find a new obsession... *B