what rhymes with worm?

Squirm does. And my little apple baby is squirming!
No kicking yet, just butterfly squirms. It's fun.
I've missed baby movements. It's my favorite.
Next week my little applet will be an avocado baby.
And then I'll be almost four months along...
time flies when you're having fun; fun with squirms! *B

photo by Jenna. Thanks J!

the nitty gritty

I'm so overwhelmed and busy with patent work that my graphic design side business has been put on the back burner. So sorry to some who feel like I've forgotten them; it's not true! I remember and my conscience is eating away at me --not to mention my complete failure as host of a couple giveaways and the one swap, all from times long since past! I will get to all of them, eventually. I promise. One step at a time, though. First step, designing all those designs I said I would! Also, I noticed that I still have two spots open ;)

1. Joe - baby announcements
2. Marcie - header
3. Clarissa - blog makeover
4. Lacey - blog design
5. Rachel H. - blog design
6. Leslie - ???
7. Aranne - blog design
8. Mandi - something (possibly a decor board)!
9. your name here
10. your name here

Also, for those who have asked about my pricing:

Blog header: $25
Blog background: $25
Sidebar titles: $25
Blog Design/Makeover: $60-75

$50 design fee

$20-35 hourly rate

And the quilt board was custom made for my mom's quilt group (please contact me if you're interested in a board design. Feel free to contact me to say hi, too! :) I'm a little into quilting nowadays myself... 'tis the season! Seriously, I've got fabric and crochet on the brain; my creative juices are flowing again, yay! Oh, and next week: updating all the links on my sidebars AND posting pictures of what we've been up to for the past month or two! We've been a little on the busy/stressed side of life, in case you couldn't tell... but all is good. Especially my little apple baby! *B


this stinks...

That is all. *B


until next time

I have officially earned the worst blogger award! So sorry for being so lame and not updating frequently. Things are good, though. Still pregnant :) I'm just swamped with work, side projects and two sickies! Hopefully I'll get some extra time and motivation to post some pictures and/or some worthwhile reading. Until then... *B