are you thinking what i'm thinking?

So I'm thinking the party is over... and in my opinion, it (and the free Festive Desk below) was a bust. Oh well. I think I'll just blame it on being busy. Me busy. You busy. We all busy. But I still wanted to throw some ideas out there, get some feedback.

First off
, this snazzy poll (I've been wanting to do one since, like, the before time):

Secondly: a give-away! Probably my last one, too (lots of reasons). Since this was a birthday party, I thought I would give away my entire party hat kit to one lucky winner! So leave a comment, letting me know you're interested in some digital head gear and I'll draw a name some time next week (after which I'll be taking down the freebie mini version). Or would the beginning of the new year be better for everyone? Perfect timing for a party hat, eh then?

Thirdly: anyone out there want our Summers' family Christmas card this year? I've got one designed and ready to be printed if any family or friends want one. Just email me your addy and I'll get it to you hopefully before the holiday! But I do need to get a count before I send it to the printers...

Fourthly: New theme song for the blog! It's fun, but what I really wanted was Jim Noir's remake of "My Patch". Oh well... I guess I'll keep looking. But for now, "It's Christmas! Let's Be Glad!", by THE Sufjan Stevens.

Fifthly: I think another break is in order. Like I said, we all busy. Brad is in the middle of finals (after which he'll be officially half way through law school!!!) and I'm in the middle of a ton of things, such as, but not limited to: moving (and all that it entails), Christmas shopping/creating, business venturing, schooling, various planning, celebrating, etc. Needless to say, I'm feeling pressed on time and blogging isn't bringing me any closer to freedom. And I honestly don't know if anyone is even reading this thing nowadays... so yeah. I'll be back whenever y'all think I should be (as in, when do you think I should do the drawing?). Okey dokey?

All rightey then. *B


  1. Well, I was kind of between friend and family, meaning I want to keep in touch and I love seeing pictures of Will, along with the rest of the family. But I picked friend since I am not technically family. In addition to that, I'd actually like to be on your Cmas card list if you're sending one out, although I'm a little confused as to the "if you want one, let me know and I'll send it to you" thing. Don't you just make a list and send the cards to whoever you want to send them to? And perhaps I wouldn't even be on that list since I'm a blog reader, but if I can get on, even by request, well then......

    And finally, quite an odd question, but might you tell me where you fall in the Borgia siblings birth order? I know, I said it was odd.

  2. I'm the oldest. Why?!

  3. I love the party hat but digital downloading leaves me mystified! Maybe it's the lack of appropriate hardware (and brains.) I always like to see what you have posted, even if we talk often, so I hope you don't slack off all the way.

  4. I'd like a card as well! I'll send my address as long as you send me yours. Deal? And I think I'll be joining you in the blog hiatus. It's a busy time of year! Cute survey by the way.

  5. A German husband and no Nikolaus! Travesty... it's a must, and so much fun... And yeah for a CHristmas Card... it I actually sent Christmas cards (HA!) you would get one too...:) Anyways, 2086 Club Crest Way, Henderson, NV 89014. Good luck with the move and how did you change you blog address? I've been wanting to change mine since its inception but couldn't figure out how to transfer all my current info over... Thanks Beth!

  6. I love the party hat too! Of course I'd love to get your adorable family Christmas card!! Did you guys get ours yet?

  7. I read your blog posts Beth. You'll always have at least one fan. But tell me this... how do you get people to vote on your surveys?!? I think a grand total of three have voted between the two surveys I've posted over a two-week period. What secret weapon do you have that I don't?

  8. Shannon6:51 AM

    Ditto to what your Mom said about the digital stuff. My computer and I can't hack it! I'd love a Christmas card. I'll e-mail it to you. I LOVE Sufjan Stevens by the way! Danny made me listen after his mission. He's really big in Denmark.

  9. Love, love, LOVE the stockings!!!

  10. I LOVE the new place! Congrats!


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