a hullabaloo of scraps and links

Ok, so here's the first of what I'd like to call Beth's sharing time. So I told you I've been busy and it wasn't a lie. Here's some proof of that along with some happy news (see below) -- no I'm STILL NOT pregnant, sorry to disappoint :P Anyway, so my hip and literate cousin led me to this site for a fun aura reading. It came up with a list of, oh, 70 insights into who I am and why I'm that way. Very interesting. Anyway, the W&W team (yes, I'm on it! In case you missed my "sly" update... I apologize Clarissa) held a challenge to have us gals create a page all about us. How fortuitous; these two events resulted in this page of me, the B:

Apparently, I'm a hardcore blue, with indigo as second, with the tans and purples (violet / lavender) following as close thirds/fourths... You'll notice the photo pile looks familiar, eh? And as tribute to my "life color", the page is done in black and white, with a dash of BLUE and then sprinkled with the other hues. You'll have to click on the image in order to read the list (if you feel so inclined). One statement I found very interesting was that due to my INDIGO nature, "Waking up suddenly causes me physical pain." And you ask why I'm not more of a morning person...

My next blog post will most likely be about our trips. Lots of funness. But I decided to bring all this up now because not only have I been working on it these past few days, but also because I wanted to share some W&W lovelies with you (aka. THE happy news part of this post). Take a gander at what Gina has created, the Celebrating Color Collection:

Pure awesomeness, right? Fabulousness is painted (literally) throughout these beautiful kits. I consider myself a very, very, very lucky girl to get to play with them. I'll have a few more colorful pages to share later, too. And check it out, they have lots of freebies going on right now over on their blogsie, like the "Dabbling in Doodles" or like the one below >>>

So hop, skip and jump on over there and snatch up some FREE goodies! Exciting stuff happening for those ladies, like getting a gig with ScrapArtist! Wowza! Check it out, I know they're having some sales going on THIS week in celebration (which is why I wanted to share all of this as I'm well aware that some of you are big fans)! Oh, and full credits for my page can be found here. I'll be back soon enough, with pics to boot! Ciao!

PS- New blog theme, because it totally goes with my page (notice the "Live Life, Be Bold" button? Close enough to "Dare", right? ;)


  1. Good to have you back, Beth!! I'm looking forward to all of your 'funness' pictures. Oh and I have already downloaded WW's latest! Duh!! ;)

  2. Hey Beth...
    Just thought you'd like to know, I am very violet and yellow and abstract tan, whatever that means.

  3. I always love looking at pictures of you!!!

  4. Thanks for this post...you sly dog ;)

  5. I really like this page - I'm glad my aura test discovery helped with the inspiration! I really like it, I would be tempted to do one of myself if I were into the scrapbooking stuff.

    P.S. About the BQBE you asked me about - I probably won't because I don't need another quilt or another project like that right now. I just made the quilts I want for my apt. Thanks for the invite, though!

    There is a "favorite things" swap you might want to sign up for at this link:
    It looks fun.

  6. Cool aura test. My first color was Christal. I had Ryan take it too and he was Green and another color, but I can't remember. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing it. Also, thanks for the links to the digi-scap freebies.


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