we're all good

Well yesterday was a lovely anniversary, despite finals. Thank you very much, to all the well wishes! We are indeed very happily married and Brad is indeed still alive and kicking, what with four more finals left and all... sorry, that last post was a bit misleading when I said the first-last final. What I meant was the it was his first final of his last semester of his first year of law school. I confuse myself sometimes, so don't feel bad or left out if you misunderstood what I was trying to say. So yeah, his second final is tomorrow and he did great on the other one, so we hope it just continues on for the next week... Anyway, thanks to our wonderful friends the Domans, me and my hub were able to treat ourselves to Chang's and a butt load of delish food! Especially those banana spring rolls! I'm still freaking out over that fabulous choice of ours, mmmmm.

Brad was a sweetheart and picked out a very cute shirt from F21. Unfortunately, I'm not what the designers envisioned as a model for the garb and we ended up exchanging it for an equally fab, if not more so, skirt! I will have to post pictures when I wear it, because it is just that dang cute! The best part is that he went through all the trouble to get the perfect bag and card, all matchey and everything! I've trained him well, eh? Haha! So when I get my pictures up from our outing, I'll have to post those too.

But here are some other pictures from the other day. Such a lovely mess. Again, this was one of those moments where I opted for a quick photo snap instead of venting. So thank you Monk, and thank you huge alphabet cracker bin from Costco, for giving me such an opportunity. That's my life, as a mother, of this kid, and his cravings (all carb choices, I'll have you know... what am I supposed to do with this kid? It's like the only time I got veggies in him was when he was stuck in my womb, or to my chest..). And it's at times like these when I really crave a new slipcover for my couch, or heck, a new couch altogether! But it's worked for this long and it just needs to get us through the next, oh let's say ten years! If anyone wants to have a couch give-away, I am ALL OVER that one! Like a bee on honey. Or like a monkey on a cracker dusted, slipcovered couch...
And I suppose I should mention this now, as it was apparently safe to announce as of yesterday. I'm on Jenna Nelson's Littlebird Design team! She is such a fun gal and I'm so excited to be working with her! Funny (and true) story: she knows the beautiful Candra, personally! Once I figured that out, I just had to be on her team and voila, here we are! Her designs are so fun and I'm really looking forward to playing with them. Yippee!

So there you have it! Now I'm off to bed as I am such a sleepy head. We've got to catch the z's "early" so Mr. student can get up in a few hours to study before the next big test: Contracts, yay. As always, I'll keep y'all posted! *B

PS- Uhhhh, you may also notice that Will's decked out not only in pajamas (kinda mis-matched ones at that) but also Christmas-ey ones... Uhhhh, "I have no response to that." *raspberry*

credits: film strip from Gretchen Tripp designs (at Elemental Scraps), gritty sayings from Jenna's LBD (at Pocket Pearls and Scrapdish), and folded ribbon from Krista Ring (freebie).


  1. Beth,
    I have a friend who lost a baby soon after she was born. I want to put a poem over the hands and give it to her on her baby's birthday.

    I've actually played with it to make sure the picture works with the poem - and your picture worked the best.

    Thanks for letting me print it.


  2. Awwhhh....sweet William. HOw can you be mad at that boy?

  3. Happy late anniversary wishes from me! And thanks for helping me with my little hamster picture trouble, it seems to fit better now.

  4. I won? How exciting! I never win anything! :) What do I need to do?

  5. Carlee, you silly little thing, go here:

  6. That is too funny that he spilled all of those crackers...you gotta love the little ones! I was actually in costco the other day and saw the big bin of those ABC cookies and almost got them...I opted not to because I decided that I would probably be the one to eat them all...I guess Will and I have the same problem. :)

  7. It's been too many days not seeing your posts and pictures!! Love them all!!


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