everything's coming up weeds & wildflowers...

I too am among the 100+ applicants to the Weeds & Wildflowers latest CT call. So along with Michelle, I'm going out on a limb and here's my page I did for the challenge. It's mighty simple (as is most of my pages), of which I'm kinda worried about... but what a beautiful kit and what a beautiful little girl!!! This is another one of Lindsey's photos (she's amazing, I tell ya) and this little beauty here is Lucy. So sweet, just looking at her makes me want to have another, in hopes of a girl! Besides, then I can scrap pages of my own daughter, haha!

So they won't make any final decisions until this Sunday. But we're supposed to be sporting their blinkies to show how enthusiastic we are about being on their team, and you all know how enthusiastic I can be!!! I decided to sport all three, because they're all so pretty and it's hard to pick just one, and because I am just THAT enthusiastic! They're one of my favorite designers out there and I always told myself, "Dang Gina, if they ever put out a CT call, you are going to jump on that!" And so I have, and here we are.
UPDATE: Wowza. So I'm pretty excited about this latest development! Actually, I couldn't believe my eyes and I was having hot flashes of excitement, and I'm in my twenties! Wish me luck. I hope I can live up to the expectations of the W&W team!

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  1. Sooo cute. Almost tempts me to scrap instead of quilt. I'm so far behind with photos that I just moved on to projects I could actually finish. Scrapbooking is NEVER done. You are very talented and creative and I'm glad your in for the blog block exchange.

  2. You are so talented. I love that you love what you are doing. That really shows in your work and makes it infectious and inspiring. Good luck!

  3. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Love your designs and that little girl is super cute--makes me want to have a little girl =)

  4. Yeah for you!! I always knew you were/are fabulously creative!

  5. Hey, congrats! Pretty awesome, out of so many applicants! Good job!

  6. WOW, Congratulations!!! How exciting. Good job.


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