tag. are you it?

I saw this on the totally awesome and completely literate RedRobinLand. So I happily and voluntarily allowed myself to be tagged. Here's a game the hip queen of serene Miss Marta started called
5 hearts + 5 hates.

I heart
01. minor notes
02. Mod Podge
03. people watching
04. my pillows, all three/four of them
05. Halloween (and the rest of the Fall season. I'm already getting antsy for it!)

I hate (or strongly dislike)
01. Condescending commercials
02. Cars that don't use their turn signals
03. Italian [i-tal-yuh n] pronounced as [eye-tal-yuh n]
04. Vomit, or the act thereof. I know that I am NOT alone on this one!
05. People who lecture me on how to be healthy (when they obviously know nothing about it)

If you want to join the game, consider yourself tagged. Post {five hearts & five hates} on your own blog. And don't forget to have fun, that's a must! I heart fun. :)


  1. Do you have any specific condescending commercials in mind?
    I don't like to play tag, but I will tell you one "I heart" thing: YOU!


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