you know how much i love contests!

You can win a one of a kind set of quick pages designed by Jenna's creative team (I would be one of them...)! These will never be for sale, they are exclusively for her CT and one lucky winner. How do I win, you ask? Click here for details.
And if anything you see tickles your fancy, you might want to check out the rest of her Peach Fuzz kit. And if you're curious, I designed the page in the top left corner. Isn't it pretty?! Such a pretty kit, it's perfect for all those sweet pictures you have lying around... Here's what I did with it:

{click on image}


  1. A collective "OOOOOOOOH" is heard around the world, it is so cute!!!

  2. So so so cute...you are such a natural. I think you need to come to my house and teach me how to do all of this scrapping stuff...who else to learn from than the expert!

  3. Beth you are the master lay-outer (not referring to sun tanning.) I'm glad that you are on all of these creative teams so we can see your work.

  4. i am in such awe! and yet at the same time, i am totally jealous. you are incredibly talented. although i'm sure you already know, and are often told. but, seriously, wow! everything on your blog is absolutely beautiful! what fun!


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