feeling crappy?

Just a little FYI: the term "crap" comes from an accidental jumble of the words "craft" and "scrap"

Ok, so here's what I've been working on for the shop. Crappy Kits: {B}uild A Block! Each kit comes with a prepped 2.5" wood block (sanded, filled, primed and otherwise good to go), six matching papers (also prepped) AND a custom made transfer! That last bit is my favorite part! So you can pick which letter(s), number(s) and/or word(s) you want, depending on the kind of block you plan on making. There will be three different fonts to pick from for the letter(s)/number(s). While you may choose what word(s) you would like to have made, the font stays the same (it's used in the fonts' names, underneath the letters). NOTE: paper plate, sand paper, ModPodge and foam brush are not included... So, what do you think? But wait; I am in need of some serious help with kit names! Hence, another contest! Tell me which kit is your favorite and what you would name it if it were up to you. The winner will be chosen randomly and will be awarded their kit of preference AND their submitted name will be forever branded on the respective kit for when it hits the shop! Fun stuff, eh? :)

Speaking of contests, the last one isn't over yet! We haven't finished the unsaid project, so I will not pick a winner today/tonight as I had originally planned. But give us a few days and it will be done AND I will have ANOTHER upcoming shop goodie to bestow upon that lucky (and random) winner! Yes, there are some seriously exciting changes in store for the store! So stay tuned and fling some crap-names my way!!! *B

PS- I forgot to mention that this page here, along with the above announcement is done using Allie Hoopes' custom made fonts. Only five bucks!!! Check it out. I have yet to do my messy handwriting, but I'm dancing in my pants with excitement over the possibility of it being done! Oh, and the doodle is an old W&W freebie.


  1. sheesh B, you've been busy. These are so adorable. As the proud owner of a block, I know how cool they are. I'm gonna think of a good name or two...

  2. oh i love coming up with names. only one, huh?

    i would say the one left of center should be "Diamond Rings"

  3. They look SO cute. I might even have to order one myself!!

  4. You were right Beth. I totally love it. I adore the blocks you gave me and would love to get my hands on more...I'll post a name or two when I have more time!

  5. Let's see...the blue one should be called "blue sky holiday" (I love that song)

    and the brown should be called "dookie" to go along with the "crappy" theme.


  6. I don't even like some of these names I came up with, but I'll give them all to you. Left to right, top to bottom, I've got:
    Summer Melon; In [Retro]spect; Chocolate Haven; Plum Dreams; Peppermint Patty; Peachy Tangerine; and Child's Play. I think I was wishing for summer and sweets today...

  7. What a great idea! Way cute!!

  8. Oops! Forgot the rest of my post! My favorite one is the second one, but all of them are great! I think I would name it...all of the things Melinda said! I would personally just like to call it mine! ;-) Cute cute..

  9. confession: not crafty here. will you explain the block thing to me? cute cute paper, but i don't understand. please reveal your crafty wonderworld to me.

  10. I don't know if you are still looking for names or not, but I came up with a few a while ago and never posted them. Here it goes...
    Now I thought that these names could go with more than one, so if you like then you can decide what fits the best.


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B