it's official

We are no longer dual tenants!!! Brad sealed the deal with our last and final tenant to take our contract off our hands. No more land-lady! No more double rent (which would make it more than 3k a month my friends. Yeah.)!! This is officially the best Valentine's present we could have asked or hoped for. We can now enjoy our day, trip, weekend, and the rest of our lives!

Oh happy (V)day.*B


  1. I'm so happy for you guys! I'm even more excited to see all of you in just a few hours.

  2. That's WONDERFUL news! Happy Valentines day! Oh and by the way, I totally wansn't joking about the fields of Rohan (said with a strait face). Love ya.

  3. O my heck Beth! You are hilarious. It's fun to come to your blog and learn all these cool things about you! I am so glad you guys moved into our complex! And congrats on gettin rid of your other apartment! that is a great great thing. Your blog is seriously so flippen cute! I hope you have fun in Arizona and I'm excited to start runnin with ya!

  4. hehe, thanks!! :) (about the Christening Gown) It will actually be my first attempt at lace work, so it'll be a learning process for me too! :P It doesn't look tooo complicated - although I already unraveled it once... ^_^; Patience, patience :)


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