not-so-lazy days

These past two weeks have been anything but lazy!  Meaning, these past two weeks have been insanely busy.  And this week is no walk in the park either.  But, I think hope life will start to slow down soon.  Because Fall is coming.  Can you feel it???  Not only am I excited for cooler weather, but I'm also excited for the peaceful pace Autumn will bring. [sigh]

The only lazy thing lazying about these days is me.  In that I'm too lazy to take real photos, let alone edit the crappy ones I do take.  Remember when I use to digi scrap?!  Pfft, that was soooo long ago.  Now all you get are fast iPhone photos.  [cheers]

Anyway, so it's been crazy here.  School is in full swing.  We've had our first incident at school.. that I'd rather not dwell on... moving on!  We've celebrated three significant birthdays within five days of each other.  Monk turned FIVE, the hub turned THIRTY, and my baby brother turned 19 and is now an ELDER!  [sniff, sniff]

Yeah, I'm definitely ready for the slower season.  *B


  1. I love the slower pace autumn brings too. Oh I can't wait!

  2. What the dilly? Where was I during this picture?

  3. Me too! I am soooooo ready for fall... and already planning the coordinating family Halloween costumes! Hee hee :)

  4. Hey, old friend! You're blogging again, hooray!!! Hope you've been doing well, Beth!? Love the family pics! :)


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