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How does one prepare one's offspring for school?  And when I say "one" I mean me... and by offspring I mean Will, an intense (almost) five year old boy, who likes needs to stay busy and keep his hands active.  He is a good, sweet boy.  And he sure is smart!  But, I was THIS close to not putting him in school at all.  I mean, he's a five year old boy (which says it all).  But then I remembered the charter school across the street: smaller class sizes + emphasis on performing arts = potential.  I'd been praying about what to do, about what was best for him.  I was THIS close to keeping him home.  He's had a difficult time in Primary, how can he handle school?!  Let's be honest, he's had a difficult time even being at home...

I felt prompted and comforted about this school.  I signed him up.  Maybe it'll work?  Maybe he'll be ok?  Last night was orientation.  We met his teacher and got a feel for his room.  Only 12 students.  I think he'll like it here?  I think he'll like his teacher?  Talked with her about our concerns.  She says, "when in doubt, keep them out."

What to do?!  Got the uniforms back from the embroiderer, just waiting to be washed and worn.  Got a backpack.  An orange one ;)  Got some school supplies.  Need to get the rest.  What do I make for lunch?  How should I fix his hair?  Can he handle being gone for seven hours?  What will his sister think/do with him gone all day?  What am I going to do while he's gone?  Is he going to sit and listen?  Will he play nice?  What if he gets hungry/tired/hurt?  Will he cry? Will he miss home?  Will he miss me?

School starts next week.  Is he really ready?  Because I'm not.  *B


  1. I don't blame you for having serious concerns, mostly because of what our public education system has done to put our children in teeny-tiny VERY unrealistic boxes. They expect BOYS, 5 YEAR OLD BOYS, to sit still in a classroom for hours at a time, and then call it ADHD when they want to run around and act like... hmmmm... a 5 YEAR OLD BOY. Top this off with the fact that these dear little children are so very overstimulated with constant media and that most kids are given everything that they want whenever they want it, and you have our dear public school system going in completely the opposite direction. So many teachers just give worksheets (that's pretty much ZERO stimulation, in my opinion) and they get no choice about what they learn and how they learn it, and it's scary sending our kids to school.

    NOW, with all of that negativity in mind (sorry, but you should have known when you wrote a post on education I'd have a mouthful!), there is a lot of good that will come out of him being in school. He'll likely have trouble at first, and then progress at a normal rate for a little boy (in reference to rules and such). It's going to be a lot different than primary because it's every weekday, for 7 hours a day, which is a whole lot different than 1 day a week for 3 hours. Now I don't REALLY know Will at all, which is SO sad to me... I miss you guys, but he seems like he is a very social child. If this is true, he's not going to want to do things that will make the other kids think he's "wierd" or whatever, because he'll want to be accepted and liked, so he'll likely conform.

    Now, the question is, you know your child more than anyone on this planet, and only you can decide if he'll rise to the occasion or not; he is SO young still, and he'll not be hampered in his life long goals as an adult if you don't put him in. I am not a huge advocate of home schooling if there is a better option, or if there is no reason for concern. I think you could possibly wait it out for a month or two, and see how he does, and if there are factors that you really don't like (his stress level and if it's manifest with things like "I don't feel good, I want to stay home today", the way he talks about school and the other kids etc, how you feel he's learning and coping with it all, not to mention, OF COURSE, the level of good sound education he's receiving) then you could make a decision from there.

    But above all, you're his mom, and you have the spirit to guide you what to do with your children. If you and Brad feel strongly that your Will isn't ready yet, don't make him go. He is YOUNG, and you can teach him at home, or just start him in KG next year. I don't think you should "make him go, no matter what" because scenarios like that will just make him hate school, and the last thing a super energetic little boy needs is a legitimate reason to not want to go, and to not do well.

    This is all kind of disjointed, my thoughts just came rolling out of me, and I don't know how much sense it makes. Do what you think you should do, and everything will work out in the end, even if it's not the "best" choice because he has smart parents at home and a child's first teachers are their parents. It is so difficult to have success with any child if the support of the parents isn't 100% behind the child, so just make sure that whatever you do, you do it with a firm determination that this is the best choice available to you, until you see a change in circumstances that allow a different choice to then become the best choice.

  2. :) you're opening a can of worms...a lot has already been said and most importantly, you don't need my opinion about how to raise your child. because he is your child. and this is entirely my point. whatever you decide, you have every right and reason to tell others to mind their own business when/if they start to criticize your parenting choices, especially when it comes to schooling. just know that if you ever choose homeschooling, people on both sides of the issue will come out of the woodwork! some will be great supports, others, well, won't be...to say the least.

  3. and whoa! he's five! you don't post much of his ...shananagains anymore so I keep thinking he's the little boy playing with the water hose in your cottage. yeah, I know, that was a long time ago.

  4. I can't believe he is that old! And I'm sure I'll be having the same thoughts with Matthew in two years. Good luck!

  5. Aunt Shannon9:18 AM

    Beth, I say you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. If he has trouble that is not easily corrected you can always pull him back out and wait or opt to homeschool at that point. He just may surprise you!

  6. You'll never know what he is capable of until you let him try. My boy Isaac behaves MUCH better at preschool than at home! I was equally worried the first time I dropped him off. But when I went to pick him up he ran to clean up EVERYBODY'S circle time rugs for them. I couldn't believe it! I was so proud.

    Go ahead and give it a shot. If he doesn't feel happy about it, or you don't feel it's a good fit, you can always pull him out and try something different. (I switched Kenzie's school when I was unhappy with her teacher and principal. Don't be afraid to be an advocate for your child.)

    You'll both be just fine :)

  7. Oops, this is Maureen, not "Miranda"-- using my sister-in-law's computer. Tee hee!

  8. I had to go to Liv's school this morning for the first time and it made me SO sick to my stomach. SO not ready for her to start Kindergarten, although I know she will love it. Will is so dang cute and I'm sure he'll adjust to going to school. I always thought it was crazy that in AZ Kindergarten is a a full day. That would stress me out! baby steps for me!


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